What two groups was it between at the Boston massacred?

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the two groups were the british soliders underneath captain preston thomas's command and the american citizens of boston
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Who was the Boston massacre fought between?

The Bostonn Massacre was fought between minutemen (citizens of the American colonies who vlouteered to be ready for battle in "minutes") and British soldiers on patrol duty.

Was the Boston massacre a real massacre?

No!!! Only 5 people died. It was the American's fault. We were causing a fight and the British troops thought they heard fire and shot into the crowd. But, it was definitely N

Why was the Boston massacre called a 'massacre'?

It was propaganda. Paul Revere engraved the picture with the British soldiers firing on the innocent crowd to revive anti-British feelings. His efforts were not successful. Mo

Why Boston massacre was not a massacre?

The Boston massacre wasn't a massacre because a massacre is when Innocent people die. But this happened because around 400 people were throwing snowballs and chunks of ice at