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What type of Greek style column does the White House have?

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Doric style columns.
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What were the three types of Greek columns?

The three types of Greek columns are Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. 1. Dorian represents man or male 2. Ionic represents woman or female 3. Corinthian represents the young maide

Why did the Greeks use different styles of columns?

Each city state had their own design of columns.

What is Greek column style?

  There are three baisc styles of Greek column - The Corinthian capped with acanthus leaves, the Ionian capped with a stylised ram horns and the plain Doric.

Why did the Greeks have different types of columns?

The Greeks have different types of columns for different types of  places. Doric columns were the shortest and plainest, Ionic columns  were slightly fancier and taller than