What type of bird is Big Bird?

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While many people say he is a duck, Big Bird from Sesame Street is believed to be a giant canary. However, in one episode he makes a reference to being a condor. In another, he said he was a lark. However, since neither of these seem completely yellow or even big, it is more plausible to believe that he is a canary.
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What type of bird is big bird in sesame street?

Big Bird is a big canary. In Big Bird's Bio (in Sesame Street Unpaved an official Sesame publication) it has his Scientific Name as Bigus canarius. It is interesting to note

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Why is Big Bird called Big Bird?

Well to start off with, I'm...I'm kind of...I'm kind of big...anduh, and uh the second part, uh, of that is, uh, that uh...that I'ma bird.

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Is ''Big Bird'' a real bird?

Big Bird is really just a string puppet. It is just for kids. Just like Elmo, Oscar, Telly, Bert, and every other muppet is just string puppets. P.S Its really true. Bi