What type of chemicals should not be poured down a drain?

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What chemicals do you put in a pool after you drain it?

Answer . when you are adding new water or filling for the first time you should first add your metal out or metal preventer which ever is in your area to prevent staining,second adjust your alkalinity(sodium bicarbonate for up and acid for down) to between 80 120 ppm. Three adjust your(sodium car (MORE)

What is wrong if your sink drain seems clogged and you used a 20 ft snake and nothing is in the pipe but if you pour two cups of water in the drain the water will not go down?

Answer . \nThe drain is clogged! The situation is either the 20' snake was not long enough to reach the clog or, another equal possibility is that the snake went through the clog then the clog re-sealed behind the snake. This is quite common with grease or sludge type clogs. How long is the pipe (MORE)

Can old wine be poured into garden instead of down the drain?

I don't know the answer but I was looking for that answer this morning and, while unsuccessful, I'm going to do it anyway. I did find you can pour sour milk on plants (roses) and old soda and beer is good for the lawn too so it's probably better than going down the drain. It will still be determine (MORE)

Why should chemicals never be dumped down household or steert drains?

There are some chemicals that you can dump into a sink, but you should know what you're dealing with before you do. For example, if you mix vinegar and baking soda in science class, observe the reaction, then dump the products into the sink, that's fine, because the products are simply water, carbon (MORE)

Chemical formula of drain cleaner?

Most drain cleaners use a simple formula of lye (concentratedsodium hydroxide) in order to disrupt whatever is clogging thedrain. Other strong bases like potassium hydroxide may also beused.

How do you unclog a kitchen sink after you poured 2 cups of dry yeast down the drain?

I had a similar problem (although not 2 cups), use baking soda and vinegar - put baking soda about 1/4 cup down plughole the pour about 1 cup vinegar over the baking soda (this will foam - its suppose too), cover sink with a lid (i used an oven tray) and wait for about 15mins, then run hot water dow (MORE)

What should you use for stuffy nose and excess mucus draining down your throat?

I had too much mucus and literally went to Thailand to change climate because of it. There they had this medicine called N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine in many different forms right behind the counter. It was sold to smokers to relieve phlegm and this saved my life. The recommended dosage is 1000 milligrams da (MORE)

Why should chemicals never be dumped down drains?

it can eventually leach into the soil and also can drain into area waters that are used for human and or animal consumption. It causes the death of fish and fowl also. if it is a caustic or corrosive chemical it can also eat holes in your drain pipes and then you have a plumbing nightmare!

What chemicals are in drain cleaners?

There are two different kinds: One type is lye based a highly corrosive and dangerous chemical use exactly as directed! Don't get creative it can splashback on you and cause irreparable chemical burns. The other type uses bleach as it's base. It's. A little less dangerous than lye, but again always (MORE)

Can any excess materials that are not used during a laboratory experiment may be poured down the drain?

Most of the substances used in most laboratory experiments can be safely poured down a drain. However, laboratory experiments sometimes involve corrosive substances which would damage the plumbing if poured down the drain; they can also involve chemicals which, if they were to be mixed together as t (MORE)

What should your pour cost be for liquor?

There are 3 types of pour cost: 1) Theoretical PC, 2) Ideal PC, and 3) Actual PC. . Theoretical cost refers to a theoretical or asking price, that you would like to get for a drink. It's the price that one would typically see on a drink menu. . Ideal cost is the PC that you would get if you sold (MORE)

What do you pour down a drain to unblock it?

You can improvise a drain cleaner by pouring baking soda down the drain (bail the sink or tub out first), then following with vinegar. Let it foam for a few minutes, then flush with hot water. Serious clogs may need Liquid Plum'r or Drano. (These are caustic, and can burn skin, so be careful. If you (MORE)

Why should acid be pour into water?

Acid should be poured into water, because if you pour the acid into the water, only the water would splash out and hit you, as opposed to if you pour water into acid, the acid would splash out and hit you.

Can you pour grease down the drain?

You can but you shouldn't. Liquid grease will eventually solidify. When it solidifies in your pipes, this results in a clog. Put the grease in a container (like an empty tin can) and put it in the freezer. When it solidifies, you can put it in the trash.

Any excess material that are not used during a laboratory experiment may be poured down the drain true or false?

False. Chemicals should be disposed of in a safe manner. Usuallydirections for disposal can be found on the box/tube/packet thatthe chemical came in. If none can be found, ask a professional(teacher, lab assistant, poison control expert) what is the properdisposal for a certain chemical. Excess mate (MORE)

Any excess materials that are not used during a laboratory experiment may be poured down the drain?

No. Chemicals should be disposed of in a safe manner. Usually directions for disposal can be found on the box/tube/packet that the chemical came in. If none can be found, ask a professional (teacher, lab assistant, poison control expert) what is the proper disposal for a certain chemical. Excess mat (MORE)

Should you use hot or cold water when pouring grease down the drain?

Neither. Why would you pour grease anywhere except onto absorbent material / cat litter, so that it can be safely disposed of in the garbage bin?? Get an empty can (or 2 or 3) put some litter / newspaper / paper towel / tissues (all preferably USED) in, then carefully pour in the grease. Try (MORE)

What do you do if cement is poured in your shower drain?

depending on many situations but if its still uncured cement then take a shop vac and try to suck as much as possible out then run alot of water down it. If its cured cement then most likely you will have to cut out the pipe or trap of where the cement is. If its not alot of cement in your shower dr (MORE)

How do you go down in the drains in RuneScape?

I assume you mean the drains in Varrock. If you go to the palace entrance then head east you should see a manhole. Go down through that. If you have any other questions you should check Runescape Wiki, it has a lot of useful info and the maps can be very helpful.

What will drain a car battery down?

In addition to acutally driving the car, using the little features such as the lights, horn, radio, and air conditioning/heating will drain the battery of a car. Also a dead cell in the battery will cause it to run down overnight. And if something is on such as a dome light, under hood light, trunk (MORE)

How do you pour water down a string?

It is most impossible to pour water down a string unless the string is not a string and is a tube. water can only go down hollow things for heaven's sake!

Why shouldn't you pour heavy metals down the drain?

Heavy metals are metallic chemical elements that are relatively dense and is poisonous or toxic at low concentrations. Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, and thallium are examples of heavy metals. We should avoid pouring heavy metals down the drain because they contain poisonous and toxic reactant (MORE)

What are down pours?

i don't really know myself, mate. But i do know to watch out for wild monkeys!

Do not throw chemicals like paint and medicines down the drains why?

Anything that is thrown down a drain, is likely to eventually windup in rivers and lakes, or in the ocean, and may become a form ofwater pollution. Cities try to process their waste water to make itless dangerous, but that processing is limited. They certainly donot filter out everything. If you hav (MORE)

Why should not chemicals be released in the drain?

External household drains are not always connected to the seweragesystem, but are designed to take rainwater only. The rain water maythen be run off into a local streams or ditches, or to a nearbysewerage farm. Also, mixing some chemicals, even when disposed ofinto the the sewerage system, could cau (MORE)

Why should we not throw chemicals like paints and medicines down the drains?

They could contaminate the near by water courses - ditches, streamsand rivers. The grids at the side of a house are only meant to takethe rain water coming off the roof. The toilet, bath and sink inthe house are usually on a separate sewerage system, which carrieshuman waste and detergents to sewera (MORE)