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Cattle were originally identified by Carolus Linnaeus as three separate species. These were Bos taurus, the European cattle, including similar types from Africa and Asia; Bos indicus, the zebu; and the extinct Bos primigenius, the aurochs. The aurochs is ancestral to both zebu and European cattle. More recently these three have increasingly been grouped as one species, with Bos primigenius taurus, Bos primigenius indicus and Bos primigenius primigenius as the subspecies. Complicating the matter is the ability of cattle to interbreed with other closely related species. Hybrid individuals and even breeds exist, not only between European cattle and zebu but also with yaks (called a dzo), banteng, gaur, and bison ("cattalo"), a cross-genera hybrid. For example, genetic testing of the Dwarf Lulu breed, the only humpless "Bos taurus-type" cattle in Nepal, found them to be a mix of European cattle, zebu and yak. Cattle cannot successfully be bred with water buffalo or African buffalo. The aurochs was originally spread throughout Europe, North Africa, and much of Asia. In historical times, their range was restricted to Europe, and the last animals were killed by poachers in Masovia, Poland, in 1627. Breeders have attempted to recreate cattle of similar appearance to aurochs by careful crossing of domesticated cattle breeds, creating the Heck cattle breed.
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How many species of holstein cows are there?

Holstein is a breed of cattle, not a species. Holsteins do however, have both "black and white" and "red and white" color patterns, but even these different color patterns do

What species is a cow?

There are actually two species of "cows" or cattle, as is the proper term. The one most commonly seen around in the milking parlour and in pastures are Bos taurus species.

What is the Genus and species of a cow?

If you are referring to a dairy cow the genus is "Bos" and the species is "B. Taurus".. Cows and bulls as seen on farms and ranches are referred to as "cattle".

How many species of cows are there?

The two most popular species of cows are: Bos Taurus (European-type cattle like the Holstein, Angus and Hereford) Bos indicus (Indian/African-type cattle like Brahman, Ne

Are a cow and a bull the same species?

Yes. A cow is the opposite sex of a bull within the same species.

Why do you need different species of cow?

I think you mean breeds because all common cattle are the same species. Just like all dogs are the same species. Actually I guess there are a couple species but they are so cl

What is the species of the Guernsey cow?

Bos primigenus taurus

Which species of cows have horns?

There are two species of domestic cattle, Bos taurus and Bos indicus. Both species may have horns, although there are breeds (subspecies) within each that have been selectivel

How many cow species are there in the world?

Only one: Bos primigenius . Of that there are two subspecies: B. p. taurus , and B. p. indicus .