What type of food uses ingredients such as vegetables meat and broth and is eaten with a spoon?

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What types of food are eaten in Switzerland?

Traditional Swiss foods are based on cheese, potatoes, dried meatsand bread. Cheese and meat fondue, raclette, tartiflettes, ara alltraditional Swiss dishes.

What is the most eaten vegetable in the US?

what is the largest selling vegetable in America? Tomatoes are processed into many value added goods and can be found in many vegetable blended products like soups, salsas, a

Why is meat and vegetables the most eaten Australian meal?

One possible theory for the popularity of "meat and veg" is that both are plentiful and easily attainable in Australia. Australia's primary industry is still managing to thriv

What types of foods are eaten in Malaysia?

I've been to Malaysia before, and mainly Chinese, Indian and Muslim foods are eaten in Malaysia. Pork is not usually eaten, and you should only eat using your right hand.

What are the type of food eaten in maharashtra?

In Maharashtra wheat, rice, jowar, vegetables, lentils and fruits are very important parts of the main diet. A couple popular dishes are puran poli, ukdiche Modak and batata w

What three foods are normally eaten as vegetables?

The noun vegetable means an edible plant or part of a plant, but usually excludes seeds and most sweet fruit. This typically means the leaf, stem, or root of a plant but als