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What type of food uses ingredients such as vegetables meat and broth and is eaten with a spoon?

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What type of food is eaten in Africa?

As Africa is a large continent, is inhabited by just over a billion people and covers a great geographic and socioeconomic range it is almost impossible to say "what Africa ea

What types of food were eaten in Narnia?

The Magician's Nephew: (1 'meal') - toffee The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe: (3 meals) - tea, lightly boiled and brown eggs, sardines on toast, buttered toast, toast with

What type of food is eaten in Egypt?

The typical Egyptian foods are rice, Pita bread (aysh) and fava beans. Special dishes include roasted Ground lamb like kebab , vegetable casserole, and stuffed, grilled pigeon

What types of foods are eaten in Bosnia?

They eat a small beef sausages called Cevapi served on homemade Bosnian pita bread with a side of sour cream and onions (optional). They also eat pies filled with meat, cheese

What Types of food are eaten in Tennessee?

Fried chicken, Biscuits and Gravy, Grits, Corn Pone and other countrylike foods. Of course because of modern transportation there is no shortage of other goodies like:   *

What types of food are eaten in Jamaica?

As you all should know, bananas and coconuts are tropical fruits grown on the island of Jamaica. Jamaicans also eat Jerk, which is a type of a small chicken. Junk food, like s

What are the type of food eaten in maharashtra?

In Maharashtra wheat, rice, jowar, vegetables, lentils and fruits are very important parts of the main diet. A couple popular dishes are puran poli, ukdiche Modak and batata w

What type of foods are eaten in Ireland?

Meat and vegetables are the two main areas. Ireland is obviously famous for potatoes, and they form a major part of the Irish diet still. They can be cooked in different ways:

What types of food are eaten in Switzerland?

Traditional Swiss foods are based on cheese, potatoes, dried meats  and bread. Cheese and meat fondue, raclette, tartiflettes, ara all  traditional Swiss dishes.

What type of food is eaten in India?

India has a number of foods, On one hand, you will get the proper five-course meal, complete with the proper ambience and candlelights. While on the other, you will also get t