What type of government does Syria have?

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In theory: It is presidential republic, all executive powers rests with the president. The president can serve seven-year terms. Syria recently has just passed a new constitution that allows a term limit for the president to only be reelected once.
In reality: However, Syria is a Saddam Hussein-style sectarian presidential dictatorship. Opposition parties are banned and the parliament serves only as a rubber-stamp for the president's policies.
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What type of Economy system does Syria have?

\nI just wrote my thesis paper on this topic... It has a stagnant economy that is controlled by the government. There is no stock system in the country and the banking system

Does Syria have a federal government?

No, everything is centralized under the president. Governors in Syrian provinces are not elected by the people, they're appointed by Bashar al-Assad himself. All of Syria's pr

What type of government did Syria have?

Syria is republic under an authoritarian regime (similar-ish to a dictatorship), but will soon be a democratic country (hopefully) as long as the civil war there goes as it is
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What type of sports does Syria play?

Syrians enjoy playing soccer. They also hold street competitions. You can see them participating in this game in open fields, school playgrounds, and anywhere where there is e
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Is Syria a communist government?

No. Syria was an Arab Socialist government, which basically meansthat it was a dictatorship with center-right and militaristicattributes.