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What type of inert gas is used for the spray method of welding?

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95% Argon 5% CO2 is most commonly used for spray MIG.
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What is an inert gas?

argon   --------------------------------------------   Any of the elements in column 18 of the periodic table, plus gasses  made form some compounds (eg CO2) and some

Why is argon gas used in welding?

Argon is used in welding to prevent oxygen from entering the weldsite. Oxygen is basicly bad for the weld and Argon displaces theoxygen which results in a better weld (less he

Which gases are used in gas welding?

In most applications Oxygen and Acetylene. Newer gasses have been developed that are cheaper than Acetylene but us old timers still prefer to use it. It produces a slightly hi

Why inert gas use for welding?

Inert gases are use for welding is because in the welding process, the heat will actually hasten up the process of oxidation(rusting) happening on metals. Oxidation process(

Why nitrogen gas used as inert gas for gas chromatography?

Nitrogen is an unreactive gas, easy to obtain and at reasonable cost. It is not used as an inert gas, but in lieu of an inert gas, of which there are only 6, it is sufficien

What gas is used in welding?

GASSES - Oxygen and Acetylene. Acetylene is sometimes replaced by a mixture of gasses. The Oxygen increases the burning rate/temperature of Acetylene and temperatures in exces

What types of welding used in car?

From the factory a lot of SPOT WELDS are used. That I know. Whenever you see a bunch of circles in line, spaced out, and at the joints of two surfaces-thats a spot weld. For d

What is used as a welding gas?

  The gas is going to depend on what style of welding you are doing. For TIG (tungsten inert gas) it is 100% argon. For heliarc, which is a form of TIG, it is 100% helium.