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What type of inert gas is used for the spray method of welding?

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95% Argon 5% CO2 is most commonly used for spray MIG.
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Why CO2 gas is used for MIg welding?

Co2 is a combination of Carbon and Oxygen and is Inert meaning dead. It does not react with metals as pure Oxygen and other gasses do does. Argon, Helium, etc. are Noble gasse

Is natural gas an inert gas?

No, natural gas is a flammable hydro-carbon based gas.

Why do they use argon gas to tig weld?

  Argon gas is an inert gas and it shields the weld from any contamination from the out side air. It shields the weld and makes it cleaner and stronger.

What is an inert gas?

argon   --------------------------------------------   Any of the elements in column 18 of the periodic table, plus gasses  made form some compounds (eg CO2) and some

Which gases are used in gas welding?

In most applications Oxygen and Acetylene. Newer gasses have been developed that are cheaper than Acetylene but us old timers still prefer to use it. It produces a slightly hi

Why use co2 gas in mig welding?

MIG welding equipped with co2 is named as MAG(Metal active gas process).It is used bcz of its lower cost nd fulfills the requirements of non precise welds generally.Co2 gas is

Why inert gas use for welding?

Inert gases are use for welding is because in the welding process, the heat will actually hasten up the process of oxidation(rusting) happening on metals. Oxidation process(

Is a noble gas an inert gas?

Yes Noble gasses are extremely stable by themselves In the past the inert gasses were known as the noble gasses Inert means unreactive The term inert has been archaic