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A Tempurpedic mattress, with a pillow top. This mattress is expensive, but it is wonderful. Go test one out in a mattress store. You have a 30 day free trial of this mattress. It is different type of mattress, so you will have to get used to it. Once you lay in it, your body is absorbed into the material. This type of mattress was invented by NASA. If it is good enough for space use, you can rest assure, you will enjoy it.

I agree. I have a Tempurpedic mattress and never wake up with a sore back even if I go to sleep with one. A pillow top is not necessarily needed. I do not have one and mine is great. Not only is the mattress more expensive but it will also last you for 20-30 years and never needs to be flipped. It will take a few weeks to "break in" the bed for maximum comfort but believe me...once you sleep on one...you will know why you bought it. I bought mine from Haverty's Furniture and got 0% interest on the life of the purchase and shopped for the best price and they matched it (best of both worlds).

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Memory foam mattresses are NOT for everyone, nor are they cure for lower back pain. There are numerous other choices out there that can, and will likely cure your back pain without breaking the bank. Our backs need push back support; do your homework and you'll find better choices than the very expensive and problematic Tempurpedic mattresses.

What is most important in your choice of mattress when suffering back pain (or not!) is that your back gets the support it needs, and you find the mattress comfortable. It is paramount that you try the mattress before you buy one. You will get support from a mattress that moulds to your body shape, it does not have to be from a memory foam product, although memory foam is very good at this. Latex foam is a very similar product but with a few different properties. Equally beneficial is a pocket sprung system where individual springs respond differently to your body weight and so contours to your back shape giving you the support. Combinations of memory foam or latex with pocket springs is also a very popular option, with many people prefering the springy feel as opposed to the sand like feel of full block foam. What is most important is that you are supported - so no rock hard beds, and you like the feel of the bed, and beds are one of those things where you tend to get what you pay for, as the quality of the manufacture and materials is reflected in the price.
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