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What type of mental health problem a teenager would have if she falsely accuses men and others of molesting and hurting her?

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How do you divorce a spouse with mental health problems?

Yes you can divorce your spouse if he or she has mental heath problems and you can very well prove it with the help of a doctors certificate , or the doctor himself gives his

What mental and health problems does miku an cafe have?

Miku has Deppression and I think some type of Anxiety, I don't know any of his physical health problems. Quote from a translation of one of his blog post: "I'm not as strong

What are social problems that can affect mental and physical health?

Gender stigmatization and gender roles. Mentally manipulate individuals of each gender , while directly correlating to physical attributes eg. Stigma beig boys are strong and

A false accusation of mental illness lead to my arrest.I was interviewed by Psychiatrist. No Mental illness exists.Released spouse who made the accusation states Psychiatrist is mentally ill.?

Answer Until you can get a good second opinion on your mental health, looks like nothing will be solved. You must also realize that government authorities routinely use for

Can you have good mental health if you have a serious physical or social problem?

  It depends on what you class as a good mental health. As I believe there isn't such thing as a mental health issue. I believe that people are all different both physical

What are the other factors affecting mental health?

3 main factors: Hereditary Factor - is passing of traits from parents to offspring Physical Factor: - physical condition of the individual has a direct effect on mental health

What Mental health problems you can get from marijuana?

depends if you already have a disposition or not. could be anything really ======= Even hardcore smokers can become anxious, panicky, suspicious or paranoid smoking marijuana.

What are three signs of a mental health problem?

A change in personality, bad decision making, harmful actions towards others or oneself, lack of personal hygiene, depression, hallucinations either visual or hearing, paranoi

Is a wife being abusive if she makes false accusations to the police of mental illness to justify false accusations of abuse?

No, accusing someone else of abuse is not abuse. Falsely accusing  someone is illegal, however. Answer   False accusations are a form of abuse and can be use against you

What psychiatric diagnosis would apply to a woman who diagnosises herself with serious mental and physical health problems without supporting diagnosis from a health care professional?

It is impossible for someone to do self-diagnoses regarding to mental illnesses and disorders. You have to visit a mental health professional or if this is an emergency call a

How does mental and physical health interact with each other?

Mental and Physical health are linked and interact with each other in many ways. One way is how the body senses pain. Physically there is a cut on ones skin. Mentally that cut

Can malnutrition cause mental health problems?

There are a variety of mental health problems that can be linked to particular vitamin deficiencies. An example of this would be a B12 deficit which can cause disorganized thi