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What type of mental health problem a teenager would have if she falsely accuses men and others of molesting and hurting her?

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its all about eating cake
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Would a person with a mental health problem be aware that they have a problem?

Answer   Suspecting that one had a problem is reason enough to seek help. However, another's problem may not be evident to him/herself, especially if it severe, or a type

What Mental health problems you can get from marijuana?

depends if you already have a disposition or not. could be anything really ======= Even hardcore smokers can become anxious, panicky, suspicious or paranoid smoking marijuana.

Is cerebal palsy a mental health problem?

No, Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder, meaning it's a disorder of the central nervous system. A mental health problem would be psychological like schizophrenia or depr

What are three signs of a mental health problem?

A change in personality, bad decision making, harmful actions towards others or oneself, lack of personal hygiene, depression, hallucinations either visual or hearing, paranoi

What are the health problem in teenage pregnancy?

A. Your body will go through a series of changes: hormones, missed or lightly spotted periods, hurting of the breasts, morning sickness etc. B. Your whole life will change f
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What is the meaning of mental health problem?

Mental health problems are usually categorized by behaviordisorders associated with them. They can be caused from a varietyof reasons but are mostly attributed to a chemical i

What types of mental health problems does this mental health professional treat in neurologist?

A neurologist does not treat mental health problems. A psychiatrist does. A neurologist's field of study is the nervous system and disorders affecting it. While some neurolo

What criteria would be important to you when choosing someone to talk with about a mental health problem?

If you want to talk to somebody about mental health, i would suggest that you go to someone you trust, love and feel like they are not going to judge you. If you are fully awa