What type of paste is best for threaded plumbing connections?

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It doesn't really matter. The old oil based has worked forever, Teflon paste is a little cleaner. Either one will do the job. I use Teflon tape for most everything anymore. Clean and easy to use. Cheap also.
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Cxc plumbing connections?

There are lots of ways to join C x C one can use compression unions, C x C unions , couplings, soldering ,brazing mechanical joints, flare x flare .

How do you stop a plumbing leak through the threads?

Teflon tape, which is wrapped around the threads, or plumber's putty, which is applied to the threads should be quite effecive at stopping the leak. These can be found at any

What is an IPS connection for plumbing?

In plumbing IPS means "iron pipe size" that categorizes thethickness of pipe walls, still used by some manufacturers of ironand polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, piping that connect