What type of personality should a fashion designer have?

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A fashion designer should be hard working and yet know how to have fun. Know what they want and be willing to compromise. Friendly and strong. A fashion designer must be everything and nothing. Have an opinion and keep it to themselves.
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What does a person who is a fashion designer do?

Fashion Designers... Fashion designers design clothes and accessories for manufacture and sale to the public. The very first fashion designer was a man named Charles Frede

What type of degree does a fashion designer need?

This all up to you what are your interest & to what direction you want to go. I suggest you to go and search some good fashion school & check what kinds of degrees they are of

What types of awards do fashion designer get?

Various organizations give out several unique awards for individuals in the fashion industry every year. Such awards can include titles similar to: womenswear collection of th

Who should you be working with if you are a fashion designer?

You do not need to be working with anybody if you are a fashion designer. However, if you want to own a huge company, you might consider hiring some other fashion designers to

What does the person with this career do as a fashion designer?

they have to make clothes and dress them up and go coffee runs sometimes and sometimes you have stand up all day or sit down if the clothes cute the will say they like and you

Where does a person who is a fashion designer work?

"A Day in a Fashion Designer's Life: On a typical day a fashion designer's tasks might include: directing and coordinating workers who draw and cut patterns and construct samp