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What type of reception can one get on their cell phones if they are very close to cell tower locations?

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Cell/mobile phone signals can be obstructed by all manor of things including atmospheric weather and buildings. Perusing the web, it seems that there is no guarantee that standing next to a cell/mobile tower will provide a better signal. One user on the forum at MacRumors stated they were unable to get a signal greater than two bars when standing at the foot of the AT&T tower.
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Do prepaid cell phones have good reception?

It depends on your cell phone and which type you have. To me, i think they have pretty much the same reception as a regular cell phones. I've used them tons of times and they

How tall are cell phone towers?

Cellphone towers range in height, from 40 feet all the way up. Here in BC, free standing towers are typically 60 - 650 feet tall, most averaging around the 100 - 300 foot tall

Who builds cell phone towers for Verizon?

Not sure about Verizon but I have been lead to believe that AMT American Tower builds most US urban towers and SBA builds most rural ones. AMT(21.65 B) is a lot bigger company

What is a cell phone tower?

It gets service for cell phones, which makes it possible to make/receive calls and texts. And, also serves as a sort of pass over to help carry wifi internet links to.

Can electrical wiring interfere with cell phone reception?

  Electrical wiring with current flowing through it produces an electromagnetic field. That magnetic field can interfere with other electromagnetic radiation, such as the

How to locate a cell phone location?

Type in the number in google and see what you find. Or, type in reverse cell phone lookup. It will usually give you the town, state, and cell phone carrier. Hope this helps!!

Why is cell phone reception poor in your car?

  The reason cell phone reception is worse in a car is because the car's metal frame and skin act as a "faraday cage" which blocks and grounds out signals that are inside