What type of whale has teeth made of keratin?

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Baleen whale
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Do whales have teeth?

Some whales have teeth: beluga whales have small white teeth. Those that do are called toothed whales or Odontocetes. no they don't

What is keratin?

Keratin is a type of folding protein found in hair nails and skin...it is the thing that makes hair dye cling to your hair but hair dye also strips the hair of keratin when the dye comes off...also keratin in skin gives it elasticity and makes dye such as henna stick to your skin. hope this helps!

How many teeth do whales have?

it depends on the type of whale. Narwhals, for example, have only two teeth, one (or sometimes both) of which breaks through the mouth and grows into a thirteen foot tusk. other whales, such as the sperm whale, have between 50 and 80, while dolphins (which are a sub-category of toothed whales) can h (MORE)

How many teeth do killer whales have?

Teeth of killer whales are adapted for ripping and tearing but not for chewing. The number of teeth varies among individuals: often 10 to 14 teeth on each side of the jaw -- a total of 40 to 56 teeth. Each tooth is about 3 inches long and approximately 1 inch in diameter.

How many teeth does a blue whale have?

blue whales have baleen this is a type of broom bristle fiber and it is only located on the top of its mouth this helps it swallow its favorite fish herring.

How big are killer whales teeth?

Where I'm from, whales teeth a considered "prominent" and are highly valued because of its place in our culture. Anyways... such a tooth could be held in both hands.

What type of protein is keratin?

Structural proteins are fibrous proteins. The most familiar of the fibrous proteins are probably the keratins, which form the protective covering of all land vertebrates: skin, fur, hair, wool, claws, nails, hooves, horns, scales, beaks and feathers. Equally widespread, if less visible, are the acti (MORE)

Does killer whale has teeth?

Most definately. Killer Whales -- odonticetes -- are pure carnivores and do in fact have teeth. Mysticetes or baleen whales do not.

Are whales teeth made of ivory?

Some species of whale's teeth are made of ivory. Most, however, arenot. Sperm whales are one species of ivory toothed whale. Eachtooth can weigh up to 1.5 kilogram.

What is the largest whale with teeth?

The sperm whale is the world's largest predator and has the largestteeth. Each tooth in a sperm whale weighs an amazing 1.1 kilogramor over two pounds.

Do all whales have sharp teeth?

No. There are toothed whales and baleen whales. Baleen whales do not have teeth; the baleen is like a strainer that hangs down from the upper part of the mouth and lets the whale catch plankton, shrimp, small squid, and other small sea creatures. ([P.S] Hope I helped you)

What are sperm whales teeth made of?

A sperm whale possesses teeth with cementum cells overlying dentin cells. Unlike human teeth (which are comprised mostly of enamel on the tooth portion outside of the gum) sperm whale teeth have cementum outside the gum. Only in larger whales does some enamel show where the cementum has been worn aw (MORE)

What it keratin?

In semi plain English keratin is a tipe of folding Protien...folding protein is when protein folds...not sure why though...keratin is around the outer part of hair and is also in protein...or skin...something like that...anyway as i was saying...keratin also has something in it that makes color like (MORE)

Collagen and keratin are examples of which type of protein?

They are fibrous proteins. Fibrous proteins are structural proteinshence beauty products often claim to increase collagen to firm theskin. Keratin is found in things such as nails, claws, wool andhair and is responsible for the appearance of things such as curlyor straight hair.

Do whales lose their teeth?

Whales do not lose their teeth, as a matter of fact. Their teeth are permanent. They can lose a tooth but it will never grow back. The only way a whale can loose a took is if another animal knocks it out or doesn't fall on purpose. But it is not natural for any whale to lose its teeth. Thank you!

What is keratin made from?

Keratin is a protein that forms the outer layer of the skin, as well as hair and nails. It is made from amino acids by the animal's body cells.

Why do beluga whales have teeth?

Its because of its diet, which is mainly fish. Most cetacea actually do have teeth, from the smaller porpoises to the huge Sperm Whale. The only whales that don't have teeth are the baleen whales, such as the Blue Whale and the fin whale.

Do right whales have teeth?

Right whales, gray whales, humpback whales, and blue whales are baleen whales, which means that they don't have teeth. They cannot eat large fishes, seals, and sea lions. They only eat plankton.

Which whales have teeth and which ones don't?

THE TOOTHLESS WHALES: blue whales, finback whales, right whales, sei whales, humpback whales, and gray whales. THE TOOTHED WHALES: white beluga whales, black beluga whales (pilot whales), orcas (killer whales), sperm whales.

Does Tilikum whale have teeth?

Of course see now killer whales are toothed whales and tilikum is a toothed whale so he has teeth that are triangular shape but round at the tip. killer whales dont use there teeth that much when they are in captivity because the way they eat there food is swallowing it it is because they have no ga (MORE)

How do whales eat sharks if they have no teeth?

All the whales usually eat the sharks as their normal food diet.They also even eat the killer whale or the orca. Not all whales eat sharks. Humpback whales (like all baleenwhales) filter feed on tiny crustaceans ( krill ), plankton,and small fish (including herring, mackerel,) from the water.

Bowhead whales have what kind of teeth?

Bowhead whales are baleen whales, which means they do not have teeth. Instead, they have plates of baleen, a keratin-based substance. Each plate has hair at the tip.

How do whale swallow without teeth?

Well whales without teeth swallow by opening their mouth wide but they have to be very smart and clever thought so their preys dont see them

How many teeth does a fin whale have?

A fin whale ( Balaenoptera physalus ) doesn't have teeth, being a baleen whale. It's baleen is made up of keratin, the same thing fingernails and hair are made of. They do develop tooth buds as fetuses, but these disappear before birth.

Are whales teeth modified scales?

Whales are mammals and have never had scales, so no. Killer whale, dolphin, porpoise, and sperm whale teeth are modified bones in their skull and jaw, just like ours. Baleen whales, like humpback and blue whales, have large carotene plates growing out of their jaws instead of regular teeth.

What are whales with teeth called?

The whales with teeth are called toothed whales. The ones that don't have teeth are called baleen whales. Baleen whales use filters to drain out water from plankton.

Is Baleen whale teeth?

whale baleen is not is teeth is the same stuff that your fingernails is made out of and it is strong but bendeble and brakeble

Has a whale got teeth?

There are many different species of whales but one of the biggest differences in these whales are that some have teeth and others have baleens. the sperm whale is a thoothed whale and the killer whale too. The teeth of the toothed whales are a use of eating and the probability of fighting.Some peo (MORE)

How is keratin made?

Keratin is a protein that forms the outer layer of the skin, as well as hair and nails. It is made from amino acids by the animals body cells

Why don't whales or fish have teeth?

Whales and fish can certainly have teeth. Sharks are fish, and theyhave teeth. Piranhas are fish, they have teeth. Sperm whales haveteeth. Pilot whales have teeth, Beluga whales have teeth.

Does whale have teeth or not?

Some do, some don't. The toothed whales have teeth (whoda thunk it?). The baleen whales don't, except briefly during the embryonic stage.

What is the name of a whales teeth?

A toothed whale (dolphins, porpoises, killer whales, beluga whales, narwhals, sperm whales)'s teeth are just called teeth. A baleen whale (blue whale, right whale, gray whale, humpback whales)'s teeth are called baleen.

Does a narwhal whale have teeth?

Yes they do have. The Narwhal (meaning "corpse whale" in Old Norse) is a rarely seen Arctic whale. This social whale is known for the very long tooth that males have.

Do whales have teeth like brushes?

some do! it's called baleen, whales who have that are known as baleen whales! however, not all whales have baleen. like orcas, they have teeth. anyways, i hope that helps!