What type of wire to connect air conditioner to house?

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The AC condensing unit needs two 24 volt low voltage control wires, the high voltage will be 220 - 230 volts and requires 3 wires , 2 hot legs and a ground. You can buy pre made whips as they are called cheaper than making one.
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What is wrong if your Rheem air conditioner won't start and you took the w wire and connected it to the RC wire in the thermostat and the unit does a clicking sound but won't start?

Answer . Put the w wire back to where you got it.\n. \nNow take a volt meter and determine if you have power between R and the common terminal (usually a blue wire or the

When connecting 10 3 wire to a air conditioner disconnect should the white wire be caped or grounded?

Answer . The white wire is neutral. If you need 110V at whatever this is supplying you need to connect it to neutral (Not ground). If you only want 220V you can simply c

How do you connect the wires for the air bag?

I hate to say it this way, but very carefully. If done improperly, the airbag can deploy, causing very expensive damage. This is not an area of the vehicle to tinker with whil

What gauge wire to use for an air conditioner?

For USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. 10-2 wiring is good for up to a 30 Amp 240 volt Air Conditioning (AC) unit. That answer assumes the A/

How do you wire a 3 phase air conditioner?

The three phase supply first has to be connected through a three phase safety disconnect switch. From the safety switch the three phase supply then connects to the terminal st

How do you connect 3 wire air conditioner to a 4 wire receptacle?

If you have a 4-wire receptacle it is likely 240 Volts and one would hope that you are connecting a 240 V AC unit. A typical 4-wire receptacle will have two hot terminals (Usu

Why doesn't the air conditioner cool the house?

If you're talking about window units you need to look at BTU's... Example: Split level ranch: Three bedrooms, living room/dining area, kitchen on the upper level. Den, rump

How do you connect wires from the transformer to the house?

Usually the power provider will conned the wires to the transformer. If your house if fed over head, your service will attached to an insulated attachment point on the house

Why Wiring in our house connected in parallel?

When things are connected in parallel, they all get the same mainsvoltage. When you connect things in series the voltage they getdepends on the number of units in the series.