What type of wood do you need for starting a friction fire?

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It is best to use a soft wood for the spindle and base board. Some examples of soft wood are cotton wood, elderberry, mulefat, and saguaro. You can also use cattail for the spindle if you are able to find it.
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Do you need a spark to start a fire?

No . You can always start a fire by friction (get two pieces of wood and friction them one against the other. Takes time, but it's spark-free).

What is needed to start a fire?

Fuel, Oxygen and a heat source. Fuel, Oxygen and heat are everywhere why is the whole earth not on fire? because it is not Heat but a source of ignition that is needed.

Why is heat needed to start a fire?

heat breaks long cellulose molecules down into shorter molecules that can react with oxygen in a process called 'pyrolysis.' heat is required to initiate pyrolysis in fuel bef

How do you start a fire with fire wood?

Fire is made by the sun, if you want to go camping, and make a fire from wood, get a bunch of wood and you only do this in the daytime before the sun is gone. And pack one or

How to start a fire with oak wood?

The best thing to do is buy a box of starter logs. You have to have really hot coals to get many oaks to burn. I use duraflame starter bricks and save half hour of prep time

What happens when you start a fire with a moist wood?

Trying to start a fire with damp wood is very difficult. When I backpack I always carry some tinder (dry shavings) to start a fire. Wet wood will not burn unless the fire is h
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Why do you need fuel to start a fire?

Fuel is one of three essential elements needed to start and maintain fire, you also must have oxygen and heat.
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Is flame needed to start a fire?

Three things are needed to make fire: . fuel . oxygen . heat The heat source can be a flame, but it doesn't have to be. Manymodern ovens, stoves and barbecue grills igni