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What type of wood is pine wood?

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Pine is considered a softwood.
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What is pine wood is it softwood or hardwood?

Pine is a softwood. Almost all coniferous trees are softwoods. The actual hardness or density of the wood has little to do with the classification. - Generally if a tree is

Can rabbits chew pine wood?

No. Aromatic softwoods, like cedar and pine, basically have toxic fumes (they release phenols, which can affect liver function). There is some evidence to suggest that heat-t

Are pines hard wood or soft wood?

Trees that lose their leaves in winter are hardwoods, those that don't are softwoods. The density of the lumber has no bearing on the classification. Therefore pine are consid

Is pine wood good building wood?

Yes its very strong wood, cheap and easy to work (less tool wear). Open grain gives better grip for adhesives and it will readily absorb preservatives, stains and paints. A fa
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Why does pine wood float?

An object floats when the objects density is less than the density of the displaced fluid. Most pine wood is less dense then water which causes it to float.

What is the durability of pine wood?

Not very durable. Looks nice, makes for good lightweight-use furniture, molding, doors, etc., is light and easy to use. But not used for floors or table tops much anymore. It'
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Is pine wood good for the environment?

Pine trees? Yes I would say that generally they are good for the environment. Reagan famously said 'trees pollute more than cars do'. While this is, ofcourse political crazy