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What type of wood is pine wood?

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Pine is considered a softwood.
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What is pine wood?

It is actually a mixture between the great southern oak species andthe atlantic polar bear species.The atlantic polar bear used toclimb this particular tree and therefore the

Is pine wood good building wood?

Yes its very strong wood, cheap and easy to work (less tool wear). Open grain gives better grip for adhesives and it will readily absorb preservatives, stains and paints. A fa

Is pine wood a hard wood?

No. Pine is not a hardwood. It should not be burned in a fireplace or wood stove because the flammable resins in the wood will build up in the chimney and could ignite causing

Maple wood and pine wood difference?

There are various types of maple and pine each with its own characteristics but the main difference in characteristics is that maple is hard and fine grained whereas pine is r

Are pines hard wood or soft wood?

Trees that lose their leaves in winter are hardwoods, those that don't are softwoods. The density of the lumber has no bearing on the classification. Therefore pine are consid

Why is pine wood good for wood working?

As a softwood, it is easier to machine/cut/sand than hardwoods andcan look quite nice with just an application of clear finish(although it will darken in colour over time). Fu