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What types of food lowers hemoglobins?

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Drinking tea [regular tea] during meals may decrease the absorption of iron [if this the problem of a high hemoglobin]

Teucrium polium [a plant]: an aqueous extract of the leaves and stems of this plant could inhibit iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat liver homogenate at concentrations that were not toxic to cultured hepatic cells

Food items known to inhibit iron absorption, e.g., dairy, eggs, and soy

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Which food supplements gives hemoglobin?

  Answer   This list contains iron-rich foods from more absorbable to less which you may include in your diet: All types of liver, oysters, sardines, turkey, chicken (MORE)

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Which vegetarian foods increase hemoglobin levels?

Dried fruits prunesraisinsapricots Legumes soybeansdried beans and peaskidney beans Seeds almondsBrazil nuts Vegetables broccolispinachkalecollardsasparagusdandelion gr (MORE)

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