What types of food lowers hemoglobins?

Drinking tea [regular tea] during meals may decrease the absorption of iron [if this the problem of a high hemoglobin]

Teucrium polium [a plant]: an aqueous extract of the leaves and stems of this plant could inhibit iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat liver homogenate at concentrations that were not toxic to cultured hepatic cells

Food items known to inhibit iron absorption, e.g., dairy, eggs, and soy

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Which food supplements gives hemoglobin?

  Answer   This list contains iron-rich foods from more absorbable to less which you may include in your diet: All types of liver, oysters, sardines, turkey, chicken (MORE)

What foods or drinks are good to raise hemoglobin?

  Foods high in ironLiver and other meatsSeafoodDried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisinsNutsBeans, especially lima beansGreen leafy vegetables, such as spinach and b (MORE)
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Which vegetarian foods increase hemoglobin levels?

Dried fruits prunesraisinsapricots Legumes soybeansdried beans and peaskidney beans Seeds almondsBrazil nuts Vegetables broccolispinachkalecollardsasparagusdandelion greens Wh (MORE)

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