What types of marsupials live in Australia?

There is a range of Australian marsupials.

Herbivores include many (not all) species of kangaroos such as the Red and Grey kangaroos, tree kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, quokkas, koalas and wombats.
Carnivores (the dasyurids) include the quoll, Tasmanian devil, and the recently extinct Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, as well as the smaller dasyurids such as the kowari, dibbler, antechinus, ningaui, dunnart, planigale and phascogale.
Omnivores include some of the gliders and possums (e.g. Mountain pygmy possum), the bilby and the bandicoots.
Insectivores include the numbat and the marsupial mice.

Among these groups, there are terrestrial marsupials which spend all of their time on the ground (wombats, quokkas, wallabies); and arboreal marsupials which spend most of their time in trees (koalas, possums and gliders).

No marsupials in Australia are semi-aquatic.
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What kinds of marsupials live in Australia?

Many kinds of marsupials can be found in the wild in Australia. These include: kangaroowallabywallaroopotoroobettongbandicootbilbycuscusnumbatkoalaTasmanian devilwombatpossum (MORE)

A small striped marsupial lives in only Western Central Australia?

  The stripe-faced dunnart is found through western central Australia from the Pilbara region to central Northern Territory.   It is not restricted to this area alone, (MORE)

What types of dogs live in Australia?

Australia has almost all breeds of dogs. There are no native dogs, as even the dingo was brought by the Aborigines some 5000 years ago.
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Where can marsupials be found besides Australia?

About 98% of marsupials are found in Australia. The remainder of marsupial species are found in New Guinea, some islands of Indonesia, and many more are found in Central and (MORE)

Are marsupials found only in Australia?

No. Whilst it is true that most species of marsupial are found in Australia (there are at least 60 species of kangaroos alone in Australia), it is not the only continent where (MORE)
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