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What types of music and art are associated with the Irish?

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there really isn't a type for Irish music but some bands that have Irish songs are ; the pub singers, the cotton mill boys, Clair hamilton, Micheal o'duppy, the kilkenny brothers,ottilie Patterson,and waxies daryle  There is a type of Irish music, it's called Irish music or Trad. Some Irish instruments are an chruit (Irish harp), an feadog (tin whistle) and an bodhran (a type of percussion instrument).
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Did Irish music influence country music?

For a small country, the Irish are well travelled, and we took our music with us wherever we went. One of the places that Irish people ended up was in the Deep South in Americ

Why are cops and firemen associated with the Irish?

In the US when the Irish first gained political power in cities such as Boston and New York, Irishmen were appointed to many city jobs, such as policeman and firemen.

What is Irish word for musical gathering?

Seisiún ceoil (musical session). A 'music festival' is  fleá cheoil. Céilí means friendly call/visit; social  evening; or an Irish dancing session.

Did country music originate from Irish music?

  Actually country music did originate from Ireland, but it's birth was in the deep south of the united states in about the 1920's right before the beginning of the great

What types of jobs can you get with an associates degree in media arts and communications?

  Answer   Well, I hate to be negative BUT from my experience,mostly NOTHING-depending on the school you attended. It really comes down to the type of INTERNSHIP you

Is it Celtic music or Irish music?

Irish music is one type of Celtic music; other types include:Scottish HighlandsManxWelshBretonCornishAltho not Celtic in speech, Galiza in northwest Spain is sometimes include
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What are some of the abilities that are associated with the Irish?

Music, dance, literature and other areas of the arts. The Irish are noted for the friendliness and relaxed way of life. There ability to talk is good. Negative stereotypes inc