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What uncredited song is played on the record player following the butter scene in Last Tango in Paris?

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I can identify this tune (but not who is performing it). The tune is called Maté and is composed by Gato Barbieri. He recorded a version of this tune which appears as a previously unreleased bonus track on his double CD Latino America recorded for Inpulse. Hope this helps! Ed

CD Latino America, disc 2, track 7. Its credited to Gato so my guess is that he wrote the music for that scene and Bertolucci (or someone) had some pop musicians record it so it didn't sound like the rest of the music in the film. As for who actually played on the song I couldn't guess! Phillip

Thanx Ed & Phillip for clearing up that part of the mystery! But a french musician gets the other half of the credits: Marc Sarrazy. He is sure that it is Joachim Kühn on the organ. Marc has been listening to his music for many years, wrote a book about him, and his quintet played with the guy. When he sees Joachim again (the man has no computer/internet) he'll confront him with the question... mirrormundo
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