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What unwinds and unzips a DNA molecule?

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Helicase an enzyme that causes the DNA strands to unzip and unwind by breaking the weak hydrogen bonds between the complementary bases
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What happens after DNA is unzipped?

This method is called " Semi-conservative " which replicates the DNA so it begins with unzipping, unwinding the DNA by breaking down the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenou

What unwinds the DNA?

An enzyme known as "DNA helicase" unwinds the DNA molecule's double helix structure.

How is a DNA molecule unzipped?

The original strand of DNA is unzipped by an enzyme that breaks the  hydrogen bonds between the bases. This process continues until the  entire strand of DNA has been unzipp

During mitosis does DNA molecules unwind?

Quite the contrast, actually. During mitosis, the DNA is in a coiled form of chromosome. During DNA replication, however, the DNA is unwound with the help of an enzyme DNA hel

What occurs when a molecule of Dna is unzipped?

One double stranded Dna molecule is separated into two single stranded Dna molecules. A large multitude of bioprocess possibilities subsequentially present themselves!

What happens when a molecule of DNA unzips?

DNA splits, and mRNA and tRNA are there to create new strands for the new replicated DNA strand. This is what happens prior to mitosis in cell division.
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Why does the DNA unwind?

Most of the time during a cell's life, the DNA stays unwound as chromatin, only when mitosis or meiosis occurs does it condense into chromosomes. This is so it is easier to se
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At the beginning of DNA replication what two processes unzip the two strands of a DNA molecule?

Transcription and replication. According to evolution that is. Is this question asking at the begininning of time, or an overall in-body DNA question? Life as we know it canno
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What enzyme unwinds are unzips the parent strand?

during nucleic acid reading and replication the double strand of  DNA must be unwound and opened up (unzipped) at the same time. In  the polymerase complex this function is