What users do on the internet?

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Some people play games on it, do research on various websites, etc.
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How many internet users are there in the world?

This is a list of countries by number of Internet users : Rank Country Internet Users % Pop. Date . -. World . 1,966,514,816. 28.7%. 2010 [1] . 001. China.

Effectiveness of Internet advertisement to Internet users?

I think it wouldn't affect people who go on the computer a lot at all, since they know it's pointless garbage, so they ignore all the advertisements. But for a little kid, he/

How do you become a responsible internet user?

Modify your internet use - "What am i really up to?" Be aware and sensitive in all information you post and avoid joining in adult chat rooms or porn sites. Try not to be rude

What are the dangers for internet users?

don't talk to ANYOne you don't know... it is very easy to lie on the internet. Don't spend everyday of your life on there, do not give out any personal information anywhere.