What uses more electricity - keeping a fridge door open for a while or constantly opening and closing it during this time?

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Every time you open your fridge door - or indeed your freezer's door - it allows cold air to fall out onto the floor of the room. If this is allowed to happen for more than a few moments the thermostat inside the fridge or freezer, sensing that too much cold air has gone, will turn on the fridge's motor and compressor pump to cool down the new air. The more the compressor pump and its motor are forced to run unnecessarily, the more electricity would be used, with the consequence that the money to pay for that electricity would simply be wasted.

Knowing those "facts of life" it should be easy to understand why it is better to keep the door closed as much as possible instead of leaving it to hang open for more than the short time it takes to load or unload food from the fridge.
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How do you install an electric door opener?

It depends, are you installing a gate opener, garage opener or a opener for a house door? What make and model is it, where is it being located, what will it need for power, what will it need for structure?

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2004 Kia Rio Passenger side door will not open door is unlocked how do you remove door panel while door is closed?

Hi there. I'm a Kia Tech and I've had this problem come up many times the screws that hold the lock/unlock mechanism on the side is jamming against the body. The way to get it open is to get someone to hold the handle up and kick the door open from the inside THAT MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE DOOR TRIM KEEP IN MIND. Or another way is to manualy lift the rod which is located inside the door having the window down and pulling hard. The door will open. Once you have the door open you will notice the srews are screwed in half way that's the problem. You will also notice the paint is scratched from the screws being unsrewed get some thread lock liquid put it on the tread and screw the screw back in and that's it. I hope I have helped you.

WHY My garage door opens but does not close?

Check your safety sensors. Most likely they are out of balance. You should have a steady burning light on them. If not, slowly move them to the direction of the other safety sensor. That should take care of it.

How do you close a car door that is jammed open.?

This happened to my Ion as well about 10 minutes after performing an emergency braking test for my kids. I turn off the child safety locks. I think I also had to hold the door latch in the up position as I closed the door. ( I cant remember if I had to be inside the car or outside of the car). I know I also fiddled with the door locks to make sure I had manually had them unlocked (versus with the remote).

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1 door closes 9 open when 9 close 1 door opens what is it?

Has nothing to do with cars or vehiclesThis is from the story of King Solomon from the Bible. It is one of the riddles supposedly asked to him by the Queen of Sheba. "What is it? An enclosure with ten doors; when one is open, nine are shut, and when nine are open, one is shut," Sheba asked Solomon. Solomon answered, "The enclosure is the womb, and the ten doors are the ten orifices of man, namely his eyes, his ears, his nostrils, his mouth, the apertures for discharge of excreta and urine, and the navel. When the child is still in its mother's womb, the navel is open, but all the other apertures are shut, but when the child issues from the womb the navel is closed and the other orifices are open."

Open door while broiling?

yes, crack it. It allows even cooking because thermometer will not cycle (off and on)

What time US stock market open and closes?

The New York Stock Exchange, which is worlds largest stock exchangeand is open from 9:30am - 4:00pm Eastern every weekday excludingSaturday, Sunday, and market observed holidays.

How do bus doors open and close?

Depending on the model, it is either a pneumatic or mechanical linkage that connects to a handle within the reach of the driver.

How do you release a closed rear hatch latch on a Jeep Cherokee while door is open?


What is the open or close door policy?

The open door policy is when a certain country (like China) allowforeigners in their country. Now a closed door policy is when acoutry doesn't allow foreigners in their country.

Why do 1998 Plymouth Van door locks keep opening and closing by themselves?

The door locks on a 1998 Plymouth Van might be opening bythemselves if there is an electrical short in the lock system. Itis also possible that something else is interfering with the doorlocks like a microwave tower, radio communication, or even a cellphone.

How do I open a 2000 Toyota corolla latch that is stuck in the closed position while the door is open?

Have you tried putting a screwdriver through the latch hole and pulling down on the screw driver (Imitating the opening movement of the latch) If that doesn't work you will need to remove the latch to release it.

How much energy is wasted by keeping the refrigerator door open while placing food on counter and then returning to the fridge for more ingredients?

Well if you divide the number of items by the distance traveled you will get x. Now x is equivelant to the distance of y which is found through the speed of the door opening and closing due to the turbulence. Now the tricky part. This is where pithagerus' theorem comes into play. If x is equal to y then the number of steps taken will be z. z and x are totally different numbers but as I said before x is equal to y. y is also equal to z. but remember z is not equal to x. So if you take fifteen steps and the distance is 7 meters, you will have the amount of f*cks given by anyone on this entire website. Hope that helped

Why Garage door opener not closing?

If you have a garage door that opens and closes electronically, then check the side of your garage closest to the door for sensors that would be on both sides of the door. If the sun is still out, and shining into the sensors, that may be why. To fix this, stand outside your garage, and arrange your shadow over the sensor, then press the button. Your shadow must be over the sensor until it is finished closing, otherwise it will not work. If this doesn't work, it probably needs to be repaired.

How much electricity does a garage door opener use?

http://www.booneelectric.coop/coop/tips2.htm. According to this webpage the average garage door opener is 800 watts and uses 6¢/hr worth of electricity (based on a 8 cents per kilowatt hour electric rate).

Why does your garage door keep opening and closing?

mine did that sometimes and i found out that my house was in line with a flight path to an airport 30 miles away that was used once in awhile. changed the codes in my remote and the overhead motor and haven't had a problem since.

Does it use more electricity to open and close a garage door than to leave an 100 watt light bulb on all day?

I have to know the amps and voltage of the garage door motor and the length of time the door takes to open and close to answer this question.

A device used to open and close an electric circuit is?

A device used to open and close an electric circuit could be any number of types of switches, a contactor, a relay, a transistor, a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR).

If the fans are switched on and doors of the fridge is opened?

you'll have a homemade AC but not for long the refrigerator wont stay cool for long with the door open

Should you keep food open in fridge?

No, food loses moisture and dries up. And if you have some off food in your fridge, It cold spread its bacterium to other open food.

How much does it cost in electricity to open a fridge?

A fridge runs about half the time with out opening the door. Opening the door many times a month might add about 30 hours to the regular run time of the fridge. 30 hours of running a fridge costs about .90 dollar. If you open the fridge about 10 times a day for a month that would mean you open the fridge 90 times. so each opening of the fridge probably costs about .001 dollars. or 1/10 of a penny. Its inserting very hot items or leaving the door open for a long time while deciding what to eat that will cost more. obviously refrigerators run less in the winter unless you heat your house irregularly high and they run more in the summer. And again the price will be a bit more for each door use in the summer as the temp escaping in to the fridge when you open it is hotter.

Garage door opener makes noise when opening or closing?

Check out this link to my garage door blog. Sometimes doors/openers make noise because they need to be lubricated. This article deals with how to select proper garage door lubricant, and how to apply it.

Can you preheat the microwave by keeping the door open or it should be kept closed?

Microwaves do not act like normal ovens unless you have a combination oven. True microwave ovens do not work with the door open and rely on friction between the molecules of water,sugar and fat to heat the food from within.

How do get a garage door opener to work correctly it use to work well but now it does not open but a few feet and at times will not close?

The guiding rod is out of line, Motors getting gunked up, Roller track is off or the door is bent.

How do i keep my dryer door from opening during a cycle?

My husband fixed ours with a window latch, it cost 3 dollars, he put it by the door handle, the swivel part on the door and the latch part on the dryer. When you close the door you latch it shut. It has never opened again. So nice.

Is there a product to keep car doors from freezing closed and open?

Spray WD40 on the door seals. It will help under some conditions, perhaps not in the horrible weather like freezing rain. I have also heard that vasoline helps. You can put it on the key and insert in the keyhole before the freezing weather comes so your car lock won't freeze.

Why does my garage door opener close then open the door?

Something may be preventing the garage door from closing all the way (like a skateboard, shoe, anything). If that is not the case, then you may have a problem with the hardware.

Why are hydraulic systems used in machinery such as bulldozers and backhoes while pneumatic systems are used for things such as opening and closing bus doors?

I think it is because hydraulic systems are stronger than pneumaticsystems. if you know that is wrong then get an expert. : )

What if your garage door keeps going up and down when using your craftsman door opener?

Just starts to go down and reverses, it is either the senors at the bottom of the track or it is binding on the stop as it starts to come down. Goes all the way down and then reverses, the down limit is set too far and it is trying to travel farther than is possible. The sensitivity may be set too light also. On the opener there are adjustment screws for both the travel up and down and the amount of force that is used before it reverses. Sometimes the sensors can get bumped and knocked out of line. The have a little light on them that will light when they sense each other.

Why should you not keep opening the oven door while baking a cake?

Continually opening and closing the oven door while baking lets out the heat. This can cause the heat to rapidly rise and drop, changing the needed baking time for the cake.

Should doors be left open or closed when room not in use?

normally closed but if u dont want to lock your self out then leave it open

Why does my computer keep making the noise of a door opening and closing and how can you stop it?

Check your AOL messenger settings. That's the sound of a buddy signing in or out.

Are you supposed to keep the doors on a wood burning fireplace open or closed when in use?

There is a vent that should be open but the door used to put the wood into the fireplace should be closed so burning embers won't fall out.

Do you close or keep open the ceiling registers of central AC system during the winter?

I close mine. Early in the season, like now, put your hand up near the register and you will feel the warm air from your rooms convecting into the attic. Or you may feel a cold draft from some of them. What is happening is that the ductwork in the attic is becoming cooled; then the warm air from the house is rising into the cool area, setting up a loop in which there is a constant loss of your heated air. It may seem minimal, but over the course of an entire season it adds up. Don't forget the return vent. I replace the filter with a piece of cardboard (try a panel from the box the filters came in). RICHArd

Should fireplace doors be opened or closed during burning?

In general, open. Doors may be closed when fire has burned down. Even tempered glass may shatter during very hot burns.

How long does the food last for when the fridge door is left open?

It depends on what kind of food it is, and I have a question myself. Why do you need this information, and what in the world are you doing with your refrigerator door open? (just trying to do some humor.)

What is the energy change when a fridge door is left open?

In my particular case, the kinetic energy of my father's hand would be converted into heat energy in that event, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the seat of my pants. Speaking thermodynamically . . . when the fridge door remains open in a sealed room, the fridge keeps removing heat from the room-air that enters it, and expelling that heat into the room, along with the heat of the compressor and circulation fan, causing a continuous rise in the temperature of the room as long as the door stays open. The bottom-line energy conversion is from utility power at the wall-outlet into heat in the room, by way of the motors in the fridge's heat-transfer system.

What is used to open or close an electric circuit?

A switch, when in the open position, the charged particles can't flow through the circuit, but once you close the switch, the charged particles can flow

What opens or closes an electrical circuit?

A plug, switch, relay, circuit breaker, contactor, transistor, whatever. What opens or closes an electric circuit is a switch.

How long can you keep an opened can of tuna in the fridge?

Answer At LEAST 2 days, but sandwich shops use big commercial size cans of tuna which is usually made into tuna salad and used throughout the week. Keep the tuna covered with a tight lid.

When there Is a fire is it I better for you door to be opened or closed?

Closed, it puts off the fire for a few seconds/maybe minutes. Then find your nearest exit and get out of there! :)

What friction is used while opening a door?

While opening the door you do work to generate a moment of inertia that opens the door. The moment of inertia= force applied x perpendicular distance between the point of application of force and the axis of rotation. The greater the perpendicular distance the easier it is for you to open the door, i.e. a less amount of force can be applied to open the door. I hope this was useful.

Can you open the doors of a microwave and mix the food while still it is cooking or should you keep on turning off and on the microwave every-time you want to mix the food?

Most microwave ovens automatically turn off when you open the door. Some others that use dials for timers must be turned to "OFF" to open the door. No microwave oven should operate (actively be running) when the door is opened.

Is it bad to leave the fridge door open?

no. it is okay to leave it open, but only for a short period of time, because if you leave it open for too long then the cold air will come out of the fridge.

Does opening the fridge door often use more electricity?

Yes because you are letting cooled air out and warm air in that has to be cooled

Why should the fridge door not be left open?

Because the thermostat and cooling circuit will work 'over-time' trying to maintain the temperature it's been set to - eventually burning out the compressor motor,

Should door of oven be kept open or closed while grilling?

Oven doors whilst grilling should be open. It is only when cooking or baking something that the door should be closed.

What does it mean to dream of doors opening and closing?

The doors symbolize opportunities offered to you and choices you need to make. Choosing one door necessarily means not choosing other doors.