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What walks on four legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and three legs at night?

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A human, or man. A person would have four legs as a baby (crawling), two legs as a child, teenager, adult (walking) and three legs as an old person with a cane!

Please note that the time references are metaphors for different times in a person's life. Some variations add "midnight" and not having any life. That would be a metaphor for death.

This is a very old and famous riddle, as old as ancient Greek mythology, and it is called the Riddle of the Sphinx. It one of the many riddles said to be asked by the Sphinx to people who crossed it's path.

This is the classic Riddle of the Sphinx; the Sphinx at Thebes posed the riddle to travelers; if they failed to solve it, they were killed, if they answered it correct the Sphinx would kill itself; Oedipus answered it correctly.

Man was the reply of Oedipus to the riddle of the Sphinx . Oedipus : "Man - who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and then walks with a cane in old age. "

The cane is an ancient symbol representing knowledge according to Egyptian belief.
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No legs lay one leg Two legs sat near on three legs four legs got some?

That almost reads like the riddle from "The Hobbit". But the "one leg" seems incorrect. No legs is a fish. Two legs is a Man Three legs is a 3-legged stool Four legs is a dog

Can Brontosaurus walk on two legs or fours?

Brontosaurus is an invalid name for Apatosaurus excelsus. Apatosaurus was a sauropod, and like all sauropods, it walked on four legs. However, very young Apatosaurus could run

Who said the riddle what has four legs in the morning two at noon and three in the afternoon?

This is a very old riddle out of Greek mythology. It is known asthe riddle of the Sphinx. The answer is a man because, It's about a man's life. Four feet in the morning: you

What dinosaur walked on two and four legs?

Hadrosaurs and Iguanodonts are both known to have walked on four legs. However, they could stand, walk, or run on two legs when it was useful.