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What was Hitler's euthanasia program and who did it target?

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He wanted to take out all of the jewish people, those with physical and mental handicaps, and asocials. They were all murdered by his troops.
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When did the Nazis begin their euthanasia program?

What?! The Nazis did not begin any euthanasia program. They did medical experiments on living people, and tortured and murdered many others. But there was no euthanasia progra

Who were the three targets of Hitler's genocide?

First there were many, many, many more than just three groups that were targeted by Hitler's genocide. Those groups that are the most well know are the Jews, The physically an

Who did Hitler's policies of hate target?

Hitler and the Nazis targeted everyone who they believed were "not pure." When we think of the Holocaust, we usually think of the murder of the Jews, but many other groups wer

Who were Adolf Hitler's main targets?

Hitler's main target were Jewish people. Though he also disliked Communists, much of Europe saw Jews as Communists. He also wanted to rid the world of homosexuals.
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Euthanasia program of Germany?

During WWII, the Nazi plan was to euthanize the Jewish population, involuntarily - which really is better defined as mass murder. These, of course were judged to be illegal wa