What was Hitler's rank in World War 1?

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Gefreiter which is equivalent to lance-corporal in the british army or private first-class in the US army he also recived two Iron Crosses for bravery
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What was Hitler's involvement in World War 2?

He was the Fuhrer (literally, Leader) of Germany. As such he wielded absolute power over that country. He came to that position with one intention in mind, to start a second war in order to avenge Germany's defeat in the first. From the moment he came to power in 1933 his every effort was directed a (MORE)

Where did Hitler's men go after World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThose who survived the war, about two thirds of the armed forces, went various routes.\n. \nAbout a third dispersed, went home, or were detained briefly and released to make their way in a devastated country. \n. \nAnother third were kept in British/American POW cam (MORE)

What was Hitler's involvement in World War 1?

Corporal Hitler was a dispatch runner, taking messages back and forth from the command staff in the rear to the fighting units near the battlefield. He was wounded at the Battle of the Somme and went home to Germany to recover but went home to see a country in near ruin. Hitler blamed most of this (MORE)

What were Adolf Hitler's goals by starting World War 2?

Hitler wanted to rule the world. Hitler was able to gain a following by promising to attack Jews, social democrats, capitalists, communists and others. His intent was to also regain national pride after limitations from the Treaty of Versailles had been imposed at the end of World War 1. He was also (MORE)

What was Adolf Hitler's role in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler was the founder and leader of the Nazi Party inGermany. He lead the German (Nazi) empire to new heights of powerin the Second World War. Hitler's Nazi Government was known as theThird Reich. Hitler claimed the third Reich would last athousand years - and it might have, had he not so fo (MORE)

What was Walter Tull's rank in World War 1?

Walter Tull was born in Kent; one of six children. He was a talented footballer and played for Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town. In 1914, he enlisted with 17th (1st) Football Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment and fought in World War One, and in 1916 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. (MORE)

Were Adolf Hitler's economic policies effective at reducing unemployment rates after world war 1?

Hitler was able to create a scenario of full employment (more or less). The issue was however the way in which he went about it. There are two sides to the answer, in some ways Hitler used elements of Keynesian policy employing people in large public works (although many were aimed at readying Germa (MORE)

What rank was Adolf Hitler in the German army during World War 1?

Hitler was a brave soldier: he was promoted to the rank of Corporal, was wounded twice (in 1916 and 1918) and was awarded several medals.. The German Army rank he achieved was 'Gefreiter'. This is equivalent to 'lance-corporal' in the British army, and 'private first-class' in the US army. . A Cor (MORE)

What was the rank of Driver in World War 1?

A driver in WW1 rode on team horses which pulled wagons, guns, ambulances, equipment. Usually a wagon had a team of 6 horses, 3 pairs of 2. Each driver was responsible for his two horses (feeding, shoeing, vet care, etc.) and he teamed up with two other drivers to pull the wagon.. Drivers were usua (MORE)

What was Adolf Hitler's influence on world war 2?

He convinced the polish people to say that Jews were bad like poison. Read the book Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy. Its about the authors grandmother who was only 1 of the 12 children that lived through WW2, living in the Lodz ghetto, in Lodz, Poland

What was Adolf Hitler's achievements in World War 2?

He didn't have any achievements. His plan for a super race failed, his desire to exterminate all Jews in the Halocaust failed, his plan to destroy the Allied forces failed, and he and his wife committed suicide just as the allies were approaching.

What was Hitler's role in World War 1?

the role was to kill no matter what happened lol wb :P ANSWER He enlisted as a volunteer in the German Army, where he reach the chevron of Corporal. He was mainly employed to deliver dispatches between the front and the back line in the western front.

What were the British army ranks in World War 1?

British Army Ranks (from the lowest to the most senior) . Private Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) . Lance Corporal . Corporal . Sergeant . Company Sergeant Major . Regimental Sergeant Major . Commissioned Officers . Second Lieutenant (pronounced 'leftenant') . Lieutenant . (MORE)

What was Hitler's long term impact on World War 2?

Hitler was responsible for WWII. Hitler used the media to twist the minds of his followers so now most media in the USA is owned by one political party. he also greatly decreased the overall Jewish population.

What was Hitler's contribution to World War 2?

Well he started WW2.He was the main aggressor during WW2.He was very successful for over half the war. Then he went kinda crazy.Well he was always crazy, but the combined affects from Syphilis and Meth made it a lot worse.

Who was on Hitler's side in World War 2?

Well, there was of course the Nazis (Germans), there was also Italy, Japan and various other countries in eastern Europe. . The Italians - although there was a little opposition to the alignment at times. Also, the Japanese. Hitler had a non-aggresion pact with Russia at the beginning of the war th (MORE)

Was World War 2 Hitler's war?

More or less, Hitler was the top Nazi. he wasn't a good leader of Germany, but he was wanted for alot of money. He wanted to get rid of the Jewish in Germany. He made the first consentration camps in Germany. He has the ww2 in his hands until USA entered the war thanxs to the Japanese. When they ata (MORE)

Which what army ranked 1 in the world?

The German army , just they was in war with all the world , the worst is the Italian army , they was beated even by the french, shame on them for all eternity.

How did Hitler's actions contribute to World war 2?

Hitler can probably seen as the direct cause for World War 2. One of the main items of his Nazi party was that Germany had been punished to hard by the Allies in the First World War. He wanted to set things right. This is why a lot of Germans voted for him. The following actions like strengthening t (MORE)

What was Hitler's fault in World War 2?

The outbreak of World War 2 was NOT Hitler's fault because he didnt sign the appeasement with chamberlain but all of the blame went on Hitler because her didnt sign this. He invaded poland but they wont happy so then the blame went on him again. France and Britain needed to lay of him for a bit but (MORE)

What was Hitler's idea for World War 2?

His idea for WWII was to erase an entire race from the planet. to leave the jews as a smudge on the wall of greatness to put himself in their place on that wall. He was a great and powerful leader. Hitler was a political hero for his speeches and for becoming the leader of germany. I hope this answe (MORE)

Where was Adolf Hitler's HQ in World War 2?

Hitler had a dozen or so HQ's, the most infamous probably being the so-called "Wolf's Lair" in East Prussia. His other commonly used hideouts included the Fuhrerbunker beneath the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany, and the Eagle's Nest in Obersalizberg, Austria. For a map of FHQ's (fuhrer headquarters) a (MORE)

What was Hitler's work in World War 1?

He was a Gefreiter (Lance-Corporal) in the infantry, employed as a company runner on the Western Front, serving on the Somme. The accounts of his wartime heroism, as related in 'Mein Kampf', are not reliable. One of his comrades later wrote that he was a skiver, who always tried to stay at Headqua (MORE)

How did the European experience in World War 1 contribute to Hitler's ability to aggressively expand in Europe prior to World War 2?

People in Europe remembered the terror that they had experienced during WW1 - this was through damage. 1.4 million were killed from France, 1 million from Britain and 100,000 from USA. This meant that they were scared of another war from standing up to Hitler. This meant that the powers were willing (MORE)

What did Hitler's Nazi government do before World War 2?

among others: eliminated civil rights for Jews and began to develop the "final solution" for the "problem" of Jews, dissidents, homosexuals and handicapped persons; built up German infrastructure, esp. highways; rebuilt German military; jailed Communists, liberals and other opponents; occupied Czech (MORE)

How might Germany's struggle to recover from World War 1 have contributed to Hitler's ability to gather a strong following?

Germany was having a hard time recovering from WW1, and many peoplewanted a change, and for their country and economy to be strongagain. Hitler promised that, and to a great extent, he delivered.Thus, many people wanted to follow him, even when some laws werepassed that they didn't agree with. I th (MORE)