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What was James Garfield's middle name?

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James Garfield's middle name is Abram; James Abram Garfield is his full name.
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What was James Garfield's childhood like?

he had many hardships to face, he worked on a farm and was fatherless at two. his father died while trying to help a neighboor put out a housefire. he suffered severe burns an

What are James A Garfield's failures?

James a. Garfield never managed to have a memorable term. well, no i take that back. He had a memorable term only because he served his term during the gilded age. but he also

What were James A Garfield's accomplishments as president?

The most notable thing Garfield did in his 200 days as president  was to to stand up to the Stalwarts and appoint his own man to the  prize plum of collector of the port of

Why did James A. Garfield's children die?

They all died of natural causes. The oldest girl died at age three of diphtheria. The other four all lived well into old age .

Where is James A. Garfield's home town?

Garfield spent his boyhood in Orange Township of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, southeast of Cleveland. His adult estate called Lawnfield, open for visitors, is located at Mentor, O

What was James A. Garfield's family like?

James A. Garfield's family was very poor, and he was raised in a log cabin in a small village in Ohio. His father, a wrestler, died when he was a baby. He received no formal e
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What was James A. Garfield's wife's name?

  Lucretia  Garfield  m.  1858-1881       Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, wife of James A. Garfield, was First  Lady of the United States in 1881