What was London life like in the 1660's?

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Life was meek and disease and malnutrition were common. There was a great contrast between rich and poor. Most people were struggling to feed their families. Streets were dirty because all the sewage and rubbish had just been dumped there. The streets where very narrow and the houses close together.

The murder rate was high. About twice what it is now in New York City and five time the US national average.
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What was life like in London during the 1600's?

London was very different in 1600 than it is now... London was a very smelly place. There were different things that caused the smell for example the butchers would skin and gut animals and then throw unwanted bits and bobs in the river (which was right by the houses) and people also put all there (MORE)

What was life like for civilians in London in World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI'm not an expert, but here's a short answer. It was grim and bleak. There were severe food shortages, with no one having enough to eat. Meat, milk, eggs, sugar and butter were almost impossible to get. Most children were sent to live with friends or relatives, sometimes ev (MORE)

How was life like in the 1930's?

Life back then was very difficult. There was this war(well kind of like a war) called the Great Depression. That means life was very hard back then you couldn't buy things and their was less money back then to

What was London like in the 1600's?

London was a very smelly place.There were different things that caused the smell for example the butchers would skin and gut animals and throw unwanted bits and bobs in the river [which was right by the houses] and people also put all there waste into the river. The smell in the street was very over (MORE)

What was life like in the 1960's?

Was cool. Petrol was cheaper. A room only needed a couple of power points. There wasn't an electrical gadget to do everything. When something broke it was repaired, not thrown away. When you got sick it took longer to get over it, because medicine wasn't as advanced. No internet so, the news papers (MORE)

What was London life in 1500 like?

London was a very filthy place to live in in the 1500s. There was urine every where. The streets where so smelly people carried oranges to keep the smell away. There were a lot of animal parts on the floor. Plus people treated the streets like the sewers and threw their waste on the street. The fami (MORE)

What was life like in the 1800's?

In the cities, children as young as 6 years old might work in a mill or factory, make deliveries for a storekeeper, be an apprentice, or be a servant. Children in rural areas worked on the farm. Boys chopped firewood, cared for the animals, hauled water, worked in the fields or orchards, and hunted (MORE)

What was life like in the 40's?

In the 1940s life was fairly simple. Most women did not work out ofthe home and instead stayed home and took care of the household andchildren. Children had chores to do and respected their parents.Families ate dinner together and talked about their days. The PostOffice offered twice a day mail deli (MORE)

What was London life in 1700 like?

There was a extreme boundary between the rich and the poor.. There were dead bodies lying around the streets where homeless people died, but they had no relatives to have a funeral. The rich would simply ignore the dirt and grime and dead bodies around the streets and no one would speak about it. P (MORE)

What was life like in Victorian London?

Victorian England changed life in the country by increasing themiddle class. Previously the wealth was mainly held by landedgentry and aristocrats. However, the factories as well as theprofessions produced wealthy middle class citizens who in manycases mimicked the aristocrats. However, while the li (MORE)

What was life in London like when Shakespeare was alive?

Life when Shakespeare was around was not one of the best of timesto be alive. Things were very tough and not so easy. People werestruggling for money and had to live in mostly 1 room unless youwere very rich, and then you would have maybe more than1 room, butit was not much easier when you were rich (MORE)

What happened in London in 1660?

The monarchy is restored in 1660, commencing the EnglishRestoration. Charles II arrived in London to assume the throne onMay 29th.

What was life like in the 1830's?

There are many dangers about working in the factories. Life was dangerous in the factories because a big powerful wheel was spinning very powerfully and fastly without stopping. They were getting very low pay.If they gave me very low pay because they used the rest for the rent and themselves ,then y (MORE)

What was life like for adults in Dickens's London?

Except for the very wealthy, life was very hard for Victorians. And even the wealthy had to slog through muddy, disgusting roads, step over animal droppings on the sidewalks, utilize rather primitive sanitary devices, and suffer from uncertain heating and nonexistent cooling.. But if you were not w (MORE)

What was London like in 1660?

The River Thames was full of waste. However, many people relied on the river for bathing, washing clothes and drinking from it causing many diseases, mostly cholera and typhoid. London was very crowded so the streets were full of homelessness and crime. Only the rich could afford a doctor who would (MORE)

What was life like in the 1590's?

marriges were usually arranged for 'higher class' familys the entertainment was such as jousting, dancing, poetry, dramatic performances, hunting, horse riding, concerts, and rarely, fireworks. your living conditions depended on your wealth & so did education.

What life was like in London in 1830's?

It was a difficult time for many people, mostly poor people and women because they didnt have any legal rights. Women could not own property or vote, and poor people didnt have any legal protection, most lived in poverty, or lived in unsuitable conditions in work houses. Many familys that ended up i (MORE)

What is London like?

Great! London is a crowded, fast and huge bustling city. Essentially ithas everything: entertainment, history, shops, theatres, clubs andpubs, multiculture and great parks. On the negative side, during rush-hour times it is simply toocrowded and the weather is dodgy. Crime is on its way up, but I (MORE)

What was life like in London in shakespeares time?

It was boring, all people did was make children. that was why there was a high death rate.. i do not know tbh... but i have to say 'takee mee homee la la takee mee homee la la... takee mee homeeeeeeeee ! x. iluwamh. xx. it stank lots & lots & lots & lots & lots &lots & (deep breath) llllllllll (MORE)

How was life in London in the 1800's?

Like most other periods of time there are pros and cons, good points and not so good points. Compared to the technology we enjoy in the 21st century, 19th century London was almost primitive, especially the first half of the century. People worked hard, raised their families, enjoyed museums and art (MORE)

What was London life like in the mid 1800's?

stinky because people would have "chambers" that they would do their "buisness" in and after they were done they would throw it all on the street.... also because of the heads on the bridge.....

What was life like in the 1200's?

Rather spartan and very brutal at times..... You would live to an age of 30-40 if you were lucky. you would have probaby lived in a small hut with your immediate family. you may have grown a crop if you were fortunate enough. Your family would have lived within a small village, much like today, but (MORE)

What was the rich life like in London in the 1900s?

If I can edit this then anyone can. How stupid are websites like Answers.com and wikipedia if idiots like me can edit them? They aren't reliable!! How do you know that the answer hasn't been completely changed? I've changed this one very easily. So go use a reliable source like the BBC! Thick people (MORE)

What was life like in 1930's?

Hard! Dealing with the Great Depression as well as the dust storms made for a rough time for Americans during the 1930's.

What is It Like In London?

it's so beautiful! it's a lot like new york city in parts, but more charming and historical. if you like museums, there's like a million to go to and they're all free. the tube is so convenient and easy as well. if you get the chance, go to kew gardens. the town is lovely and the gardens are INCREDI (MORE)

What were prison conditions like in and around London in 1840's?

Prison conditions were finally improving in London in the 1840s.Prisoners awaiting death were fed better food than they had been inthe past, and were allowed to have visitors, something they didn'tget before. Also, the death penalty was no longer issued as asentence for small crimes such as pickpock (MORE)

What was Tudor Life like in London?

People would deposit their waste out of their bedroom windows and on to the streets, that's why the place smelt so bad. (you were unlucky if it landed on you! lol)

What was life like in the 1740's?

life was like hard for people who was ruled by Britain because they have to pay for the stamp called the stamp act and no one liked it

What was life like in Tower of London?

cold, dark and not the best for everyone in the royal family at some stages. But for the prisoners it was like living in a better versions of their own homes...

What was London life in 1794 life?

It was a decade of strikes - postal workers, miners and dustmen. It ended with the 'winter of discontent' in 1979 when ITV went off the air for five months. A three-day week was imposed during February 1972 to save on electricity at the start of the miners strike. During the summer of 1976 the weath (MORE)

What was life like in the London blitz?

It was very upsetting for children and adults because adults had to send their children to the country side and children had to stay their for a long time. Children had to live with other people and most of them would get sick because they've never been to the country side . Adults and Children sent (MORE)

What 's the weather like in London?

On the date of answering this question (Thursday 25th July, 2013),the weather is quite warm and sunny with a few clouds and awesterly wind.

What was police force like in London in 1880's?

London has once of the oldest police forces in the world, by the1880's it had a large uniformed section divided into 20 divisionseach for a London bourgh. These officers wore classic "Bobbie" blueuniforms and helmets and conducted foot and mounted patrols basedin Police Stations built for the purpos (MORE)