What was Mickey Mouse's original name?

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Mickey Mouse was originally named "Mortimer Mouse" when the concept was conceived by Walt Disney in 1928.

Disney's wife suggested that the name was too pretentious, so Disney came up with Mickey Mouse instead.

Walt Disney revived the name a few years later, making a new character called Mortimer Mouse, who was Mickey's nemesis. Mortimer only appeared in one cartoon, named "Mickey's Rival," until his return in 2000.
Mortimer Mouse
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What is Mickey Mouse's Chinese name?

Micky Mouse written in Chinese is 米老鼠. It's pinyin or it's pronunciation is 'mi lao shu'.

What is the name of Mickey Mouse's cat?

I'm not sure if Mickey has a cat! Minnie Mouse does, though. Her cat's name is Figaro. If you can tell me which episode Mickey has a cat in, I'm sure I could help you out wi

What was Mickey Mouse's originally named?

Mickey was originally named Mortimer, but Walt Disney's wife, Lillian didn't think it fit. His name was changed to Mickey and Mortimer became is tall rival for Minnie (with a
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What is Mickey Mouse's ordinary name?

Mickey Mouse is his name. He was named by Walt Disney's wife; Lillian. Walt had originally thought his name should be Mortimer Mouse, but, Lillian preferred Mickey Mouse and t