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What was Mohandas Gandhi's main goal?

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His goal was to improve immigrant Indians and Hindus rights and to bring freedom to India in a nonviolent way.
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What is Mohandas Gandhi's most famous quote?

be the change you wish to see in the world is one of Gandhi's favorite quotes

What impact of Mohandas Gandhi's belief in non-violent protest?

Gandhi introduced non violent protests to India and to the rest of the world. He gained many followers through his teachings and techniques. From that, he got lots of support

What was some of Mohandas Gandhi's personal traits?

Gandhi's Character Traits   1. Ambitious- Gandhi always had something planned, no matter what event or activity was planned. For example, he decided to lead the salt march

How did mohandas gandhi achieve his goals?

He achieved his goals for getting India independence from the British rule by starting non-violent protests and refusing to use British goods such as clothes and salt. He also

What were some of Mohandas Gandhi's goals?

Gandhi wanted everyone to be treated equally,     Non violence,     He also said love thy neighbour as thyself (treat others how you wish to be treated.)