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What was Mohandas Gandhi's outcome?

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what was gandhis outcome
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What was Mohandas Gandhi's one regret?

He stole gold once. He kept on getting nagged by his conscience He told his dad ,expecting to be punished. But his dad forgave him. this made Mohandas Gandhi Change.

What were Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's beliefs?

Gandhi's beliefs are Hindu, which are mostly about non-violence, not to be predigest or take discrimination from anyone. He believed in truth and equality. He promoted non-vio

Who where Mohandas Gandhi's associates?

These were some of gandhiji's associates in India: Alexander, Horace Amrit Kaur, Rajkumari Amtusallam Andrews, C. F. Ansari, M. A. Azad, Abdul Kalam Bajaj, Jamnalal Bankar,

What were some of Mohandas Gandhi's goals?

Gandhi wanted everyone to be treated equally,     Non violence,     He also said love thy neighbour as thyself (treat others how you wish to be treated.)