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A 95 out of 100.
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What is Super Mario galaxy?

SUPER MARIO GALALXY!!! . Well, I'm glad you asked "What is Super Mario Galaxy?". And since you asked and no-one had answered yet, I'll do it for them.. Let me start by the storyline of the game.. Every One hundred years, a comet would fall somewhere amongst the plains of the Mushroom Kingdom, a (MORE)

How do you beat Super Mario galaxy?

First, get 60 stars with Mario. Next, you do the final star. You will unlock the Purple coin comets. Get the remaining 60 stars with Mario. Then, defeat Bowser again. You will unlock Luigi. Now, get all 120 stars with Luigi, defeat Bowser again and you will unlock the final galaxy. Finally, (MORE)

How do you fly in Super Mario galaxy?

You have to i\open the gateway after you've collected the 6th power star/ Then you'll see a red luma. Talk to it and it will challenge you to collect 100 purple coins using the red stars After you have, you'll gain access to use it in the observatry.

How do you complete Super Mario galaxy?

Get 60 stars to beat the game. Get all 120 stars to be able to beat the game again as Luigi. Get all 120 stars again as Luigi to unlock Grand Finale Galaxy for Mario and Luigi making 121 stars for both profiles (a whopping 242 total)

How do you complete a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy?

getall the stars and the boss if does not work use youtube The Main Galaxy that have 3 normal mission have one hidden star, and 2 comet stars for a total of 6 star, The 15 Main Galaxy only 2 of them got 2 hidden star instead of 1 hidden star because of the green star hidden so two main galaxy woul (MORE)

Is Super Mario galaxy multiplayer?

Kind of. You can't have too characters at the same time, but while one person is Mario Player 2 can collect star bit freeze minor enemies, and certain platforms, and when both players press A at the same tie they can make Mario do a Higher Jump than usual. It's actually pretty fun.

How do you finish Super Mario galaxy?

super Mario galaxy-you must collect a certain amount of stars to unlock some galaxies. there will be domes collect a grand star after defeating bowser or jr. in each dome to advance to the next dome. the last dome will be the final battle with bowser if you collect unoff stars for his final galaxy.o (MORE)

How do you get luigi in Super Mario galaxy?

get all 120 stars with Mario then go beat the final bowser again. after the credits, a message saying you can now play as luigi will pop up. select that same file from the main menu and there will be a button where you can switch from Mario to luigi.

Is Wario in Super Mario Galaxy?

Wario is NEVER in the Super Mario Galaxy series. I have both gamesand I've beaten them both with 242 stars. No Wario. The onlyplayable characters are Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario galaxy DS?

Not that I know. Nintendo did not announce anything like that. There is going to be a "Super Mario Galaxy 2" tough.

Is Yoshi in Super Mario galaxy?

yes and no. there's a secret level in the space junk galaxy with a planet that looks like Yoshi in it, but the actual character doesn't make an appearance.

Will there be A Super Mario Galaxy on the DS?

Well it does need a sequel but i don't think it will be for ds but then again Nintendo is always trying to do bigger and newer things so i guess it is a possiblity and if that doesn't quench your thirst for answers you can unlock rosalina in Mario kart wii if you have a save file of super Mario gala (MORE)

How do you get luigi on Super Mario galaxy?

first u fight bowser than there will be a number by rosilina's feet get all the stars until the number is 0 than fight bowser again than there will be a note that will say Luigi is playable now

Is Super Mario galaxy on Nintendo ds?

Nope, you'll notice that people tend to fantasize about games that they want to come out by creating fake cover art and trying to convince everyone it's real.

What is a Super Mario Galaxy save?

You are probably talking about the one you need to get Rosalina in MarioKart Wii, true? A Super Mario Galaxy save is a save file created by Super Mario Galaxy, which is an awesome 3D platformer by Nintendo.

What is at the end of Super Mario galaxy?

You battle the final boss, Bowser, of course. After you defeat him, he falls into his own lava planet, and it explodes soon then after. The Grand Star launches out of the planet, and Mario flies away with it. Bowser Jr. had thrown Peach out of the airship, so Mario catches her. Mario and Peach land (MORE)

Is Nintendo making super Mario galaxy ds?

No it would be nice but no, instead there making another Game, on the wii, calling it Super Mario galaxy 2, the trailer shows you using Yoshi, and I'm excited about that

What are the secrets in super Mario galaxy?

I don't know many, but if you collect the three green stars, you can blast to a planet with 3 more advanced galaxies including the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, the Loopdiswoop Galaxy

Where is luigi in Super Mario galaxy?

On the ghost level, you find him and take him back with you. You can not be him, unless you beat the whole game with Mario. Then, you try to beat the whole game with Luigi.

What is Super Mario galaxy 2 about?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is similar that that of the first game. Along with the help of Yoshi and other characters, Mario isn't obtaining power stars for powering a Comet Observatory, instead they are needed simply to reach Bowser, rescue Princess Peach and save the universe.

What galaxies are in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

World 1 Sky Station Galaxy Yoshi Star Galaxy Spin-Dig Galaxy Flip-Swap Galaxy Rightside Down Galaxy Fluffy Bluff Galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Firey Flotilla Galaxy World 2 Puzzle Plank Galaxy Boulder Bowl Galaxy Hightail Falls Galaxy Wild Glide Galaxy Cosmic Cove Galaxy Honeybloo (MORE)

Will their be a super mario galaxy 3?

It certainly is a possibility, but it'd probably be on the Wii U. However, miyamoto is working on a whole new IP, plus there are games planned up until 2013-2014 from Nintendo. It would not come out until 2015 or even later.

How do be luigi on Super Mario galaxy?

First, get all the 120 stars in all the galaxy's. If you have done that, then fight with bowser, and then go you back to the menu. Then can you use Luigi! Fungoodies.tk (C)

How can you be Yoshi on Super Mario Galaxy?

Quite simply, you can't. But, if you've got Super Mario Galaxy 2, you can unlock him after you complete Yoshi Star Galaxy. In short: You can only play with him in Super Mario Galaxy's sequel. Hope that helped.

Super Mario galaxy 3?

It may be out in 2014Nobody knows. Will most likely never be made. Galaxy and Galaxy 2 were based on the same motives, take the player into space. Galaxy was great and Galaxy 2 was made only to use up the rest of the ideas the game creators had on this game. Maybe Super Mario Universe or Sup (MORE)

How do you get Super Mario galaxy on Wii?

To get "Super Mario Galaxy" on the Wii, you have to buy the game from a local game store. When you buy the game, put the disc into your Wii and turn it on. And that is how you get "Super Mario Galaxy" on the Wii.

Eel in Super Mario galaxy?

I'm not sure what you mean. If you are saying is the giant eel like thing an eel, then yes. If not please post a more detailed question

Can there be super Mario galaxy 3?

There could be, but you never know. Nintendo is constantly hard at work to make these fun video games, so they might not focus on Super Mario Galaxy 3 for a while.

In Super Mario Galaxy how do you get out of ghostly galaxy?

To unlock ghostly galaxy you must unlock the kitchen. The kitchen is unlocked once you get the grand star from the fountain, the first galaxy to unlock at the kitchen is the beach bowl galaxy after unlocked a certain amount of stars you will unlock ghostly galaxy.

How do you get out of the garden on Super Mario galaxy?

If you mean at the beginning you must first catch the bunnies. If you mean the garden gate with the many different Galaxys you must collect enough stars to get the the main boss galaxy which i think is controlled by Bowser Jr.(Koopa Kid). The Galaxy looks like Bowser's Head too.

Is Super Mario galaxy on GameCube?

I Have To Say No Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 Are For The Wii ONLY Luckily If You Only Have A Gamecube Controller But You Also Have a Wii And No Wii Remote You Might Still Be Able To Play It Cause Gamecube Controllers & Wiis Have Some Kind Of Connection (I Think)

What Super Mario Galaxy about?

Super Mario Galaxy is the story of Mario's second journey into space (the first was in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins). It is finally the Star Festival once again. The Toads are all out celebrating, trying to catch the Star Bits that are falling from up above. Meanwhile, Mario receives a note fr (MORE)

Is Super Mario galaxy evil?

well, that game isn't evil, but people have been thinking it is.they think that because they like sonic better thn Mario,but let's face it Mario is the best!!!

Will there be Super Mario Galaxy 4?

probably not because there isn't a 3rd one yet and it's not likely they'll make that. Even if they did, 4 super mario galaxy games is kinda ridiculous if you think about it.