What was President Washington's middle name?

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He was never given one
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What was George Washington's middle name?

He had no middle name. He does not have a middle name according to the record of his birthin the family bible. Middle names were not commonly given until theearly to mid-1800'

President went by his middle name?

Stephen Grover Cleveland. Thomas Woodrow Wilson Also, Grant can be arguably added to this list. At birth, his name was Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant. However, when he joined the

What was Martha Washington's middle name?

According to carter, smith, and Allen weinstein. Smithsonian Presidents every question answered . revised. New York, NY: Hylas Publishing, 2004. Her full name was Martha Cu

Martha Washington's middle name?

According to historians, Martha's full name is Martha DandridgeCustis Washington. Historians indicate the popularity of passingsurnames to children in the 18th century to acco

Which US presidents do not have a middle name?

US presidents who had no middle name . George Washington . John Adams . Thomas Jefferson . James Madison . James Monroe . Andrew Jackson . Martin VanBuren . John Tyl
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What president had the middle name of Talmadge?

No US President ever had Talmadge for one of his names. There once was a powerful politician in Georgia, named Herman Talmadge, Jr. (1913-2002) . He served many terms as gov