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What was Truman's Political Party Affiliation?

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He was a member of the Democratic Party.
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Why can't police have political affiliation?

As individual private citizens. police officers can have political affiliations, that is their right under the Constitution. However, when on duty, or in uniform, they may n

Who was the only president not affiliated with a political party?

George Washington. During Washington's two terms the Federalist and Republican (not the current Republican) parties were formed. John Adams was the first (and only) Federalist

What was Hitler's political affiliation?

Hitler was affiliated with the NSDAP, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, (National Socialists, the Nazis).

What political party was John Tyler affiliated with?

He was a member of the "Democratic-Republican" party, which existed from 1792 until 1825. When John Quincy Adams was elected, the party dissolved into two factions: the Democr

What was Abraham Lincoln's political affiliation?

Lincoln was a Whig until the Whig party disbanned. He ran as a Republican in the election of 1860 and ran as a National Unionist in the election of 1864.

What do you think of Supreme Court Justices having political party affiliations?

Supreme Court Justices do not necessarily have parties because they  do not run for a political seat. The criteria for a supreme court  justice has to be someone who is fami