What was William Shakespeare's personality like?

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Well, Shakepeare had a reputation for being quiet and a bit mysterious. His writing, they showed that he was keenly observant and was curious. Shakespeare thought deeply about life and its sufferings. Though, he had a sense of humor and found much to laugh at in life! He had a strong affection for his dad

Out of other 16 Jungian Personality Types, Shakespeare was found to be an INFP, estimated to be the third rarest personality type. Such persons are creative, artistic and spiritual. They are also deep, intelligent and full of empathy. Because they're daydreamers and introverts, they are indeed reserved. But I think they're mostly optimistic and love humour.
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What was society like in William Shakespeare's time?

this is just what i think but i think that sinceLondon wasn't to nice back then and people where dying at the age of forty that William Shakespeare's poetry plays cheered everyone up he made them laugh in bad time he gave them stories to think about and most importantly he helped everyone up when th (MORE)

William Shakespeare's will?

William Shakespeare's will was mad 4 weeks before he died (coincidence) maybe he knew he was going to die maybe he commited suicide!

What were some of William Shakespeare's likes and dislikes?

One of the problems in talking about someone who has been dead for 400 years is that unless someone wrote down facts about him, we just don't know. Did Shakespeare like smoking tobacco? I don't know--nobody said he did, and nobody said he didn't. Did Shakespeare dislike fat blonde women? He may have (MORE)

William Shakespeare's adulthood?

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1852. He had threekids one son and a daughter. In 1598 he built the Globe Theatre.

What is William Shakespeare's birthday?

His actual date of birth is not certain, but his baptism wasrecorded on Wednesday, April 26, 1564. He would have certainly beenborn a few days to a week before that. April 23 (St. George's Day)has been suggested, perhaps because that was the day he died, atthe age of 52, in 1616.

Who was William Shakespeare's royal patron?

Although his company did play for Queen Elizabeth I, his company were known as the Lord Chamberlain's Men during her reign because their patron was Henry Carey, the Lord Chamberlain. In 1603, the company's patronage was taken over by the King, King James I, who became their first royal patron. No ro (MORE)

What were William Shakespeare's clothes like?

William Shakespeares clothes were mostly the same as any rich mans clothing in the 1500 and 1600s. Most portraits show him with a lace frill others show him with a broad collared shirt and a collarless jacket. His plays would of had top notch clothes

What were William Shakespeare's tragedies?

William Shakespeare's Tragedies William Shakespeare's plays are usually categorised as Histories, Comedies and Tragedies. The Tragedies are: Romeo and Juliet Coriolanus Titus Andronicus Timon of Athens Julius Caesar Macbeth Hamlet King Lear Othello Antony and Cleopatra Tro (MORE)

Who were William Shakespeare's family?

His wife, Ann Hathaway His daughter Susanna, born in 1583, and died in 1649. Married Dr. John Hall. His son Hamnet, born 1585 and died at the age of 11 in 1596, cause unknown. His daughter Judith, born 1585 and died in 1662. Married Thomas Quiney.

What were William Shakespeare's children like?

Nobody thought fit to record this. Susanna was thought of in later life as "Good Mistress Hall", but she was perhaps of a somewhat Puritan disposition. In any case Shakespeare trusted her and her husband Dr. Hall since he made them his executors and main beneficiaries. Judith married a less-than-sat (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's IQ?

William Shakespeare died in 1616.. IQ tests were developed in the early part of the 20th Century so his IQ was never tested.. It would probably have been quite high! - However IQ tests have trouble testing a persons creativity and since shakespeare was such a creative person it would be wrong to s (MORE)

Who were William Shakespeare's brothers and sisters?

Shakespeare had three brothers and four sisters. Only one sistersurvived to adulthood, and she was the only sibling to outliveWilliam. Shakespeare himself lived from 1564-1616, dying at the ageof 52. Joan (1558-1558, age 2 months) Margaret (1562-1563, age 1) Gilbert (1566-1612, age 46) Joan (156 (MORE)

What does William Shakespeare's signature look like?

There are six samples of his signature, all of which look somewhat different. They are all characteristically in the "Secretary Hand", however, with the capital "S" and the succeeding "h" being characteristic in all samples. We cannot imbed images here, but there is an attached link which will show (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's classroom like?

School in Shakespeare's day was for boys aged about 8 to 14. The schoolroom was large lit only by windows. There were no washrooms. The pupils sat on benches in front of the schoolmaster. There were no pencils, paints or paper. The boys practised writing by scratching on a piece of flattened cowho (MORE)

What was the world like during William Shakespeare's lifetime?

It was very similar to the way it is now, although continental drift has had an effect, there is more carbon dioxide in the air and the ozone layer is thinner. People lived in most of the places they live in nowadays, although there was hardly anyone in North America north of the Rio Grande, and the (MORE)

What was the food like during William Shakespeare's times?

Probably very much like English food today, except there was no refrigeration and the people were poorer. Also there was much less foreign influence on food. New world foods like peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate and vanilla had either not arrived or were not yet integrated into the diet. Becau (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's early life like?

Since nobody knew he would be famous, nobody bothered to take down anything more than the sketchiest details of his early life. We know he was baptised on April 26, 1564. The next thing we know about him is that he applied for a marriage licence on November 27, 1582. In between we guess that he prob (MORE)

What was life like in William Shakespeare's time?

Life was not equal in William Shakespeare's time: rich people lived a life of luxury, but poor people live a life of pain and discomfort. Rich people had huge houses, more like mansions, good expensive clothes, and expensive food. However, poor people were either on the streets or had a very small h (MORE)

Is it likely that when a person takes a breath they are inhaling the atoms of Shakespeare's last breath?

A very basic estimate to answer this question is to calculate how much air you breath in and out with each breath, and then compare that to the amount of air we could breathe in the atmosphere. The diameter of the earth is about 13000 km. Let's assume that atmospheric pressure is 1 ATM from sea l (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's favorite hobbies?

Nothing is known about Shakespeare's hobbies. Life was hard in those day and there was little time for recreation. Obviously, Shakespeare had done a lot of reading and spent a lot of time in the theaters. He probably did his share of drinking and gambling with the actors.

What is William Shakespeare's social status?

Shakespeare's family was of the wealthy merchant class or petty gentry. His mother's family was gentry and Shakespeare worked hard to raise his father's status by getting him a grant of arms.

What is William Shakespeare's favorite song?

One of Shakespeare's favorite songs is, "When I was a tiny littleboy, with a heigh-ho, the wind and the rain," which he uses in twoplays, King Lear and Twelfth Night . In general, it is said that Shakespeare preferred traditionalEnglish folk songs.

Who performed William Shakespeare's plays?

In the early days, Shakespeare's plays (written during the period from about 1590 to 1612) were performed by troupes of actors, ('playing groups') companies of professional players who would perform plays from a variety of authors and sources. A troupe would operate as a business, with a core number (MORE)

Who was William Shakespeare's grandmother?

William Shakespeare had two grandmothers. His grandfather on his mother's side was Robert Arden . Robert married Mary Webb , and one of their children was Mary Arden, William Shakespeare's mother. It would seem that Shakespeare's grandparents on his father's side were Richard Shakespeare and (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's favorie author?

Shakespeare must have been a voracious reader, as he stole his plots from a wide variety of sources. His favourite source to steal from was probably Holinshed's Chronicle, a history and geography of Great Britain. Shakespeare used this not only for the history plays but also for Macbeth and King Lea (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's last sonnet?

There are 154 of them, so the last one is number 154. However, there is no guarantee that they are numbered in the order he wrote them. The last one he wrote might have been number 5 for all we know. In fact for all we know, he might have written more sonnets after the 154 we know about were publish (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's skills and abilities?

Shakespeare left many mysteries behind. His early jobs could have been a butcher, a law clerk, a schoolmaster, or a gardener. He could have assisted his father, a glovemaker. He could have been a trader in commodities, or a publisher, or a soldier. He could have been all of these things because he k (MORE)

When did William Shakespeare's buy his theater?

Shakespeare never owned a theatre outright. He was always a partner, although his percentage changed as the other partners bought in and out. He first invested in the Globe Theatre when it was built out of materials from the Theatre in 1599.

Was there technology in William Shakespeare's times?

Of course. Technology in some form has existed since prehistoric times. Arguably the alphabet is a technology without which Shakespeare would have had a difficult time writing his plays down. Having pens, ink and paper helped immensely also. The technology of movable type printing is one without whi (MORE)

What were William Shakespeare's teenage years like?

We don't know much about it. We guess that he went to grammar school in Stratford until he was about 15. We know that he got married when he was 18 and became a father about a month after his nineteenth birthday.

What was William Wordsworth personality like?

As a poet is, so are his words. No deception is possible there since poetry sprouts out from the deep emotions of heart. If his words can be believed, Wordsworth was a very amiable, lovely, decent gentleman.

What was the name of William Shakespeare's actors?

Some of the actors in The Lord Chamberlain's Men, afterwards known as the King's Men, were Richard Burbage (he played the leading roles), William Kempe (a comedian), Robert Armin (another comedian who replaced Kempe), John Heminges and Henry Condell (they published Shakespeare's plays), George Bryan (MORE)

What did English look like during William Shakespeare's lifetime?

If you want to know what their handwriting looked like Google images "Elizabethan handwriting". If you want to see what it looked like when it was printed, Google Images "Shakespeare First Folio", and "King James Bible 1611" You will note that the fonts used in Shakespeare's plays look considerably (MORE)

What is a summary of William Shakespeare's play As you like it?

See the related link. Basically, Duke Frederick is a very greedy person and banishes alot of ppl. There has been a lot of ppl banished and the deposed Duke Senior (Duke Frederick's brother) and those friendly to him (other banished ppl) have fled to a nearby forest (Forest of Arden). These includ (MORE)

What would it be like to be a actress in William Shakespeare's time?

There were no actresses in William Shakespeare's time . All female characters were played by young men who trained in the art of theatre at a young age. The boys were dressed up to look like women using overly exaggerated makeup and clothing. This is one of the reasons why there are barely any kissi (MORE)

What was the scenery like in William Shakespeare's plays?

Shakespearean theaters did not have had the elaborate sets that we sometimes see today; however, they did use smaller props such as tables, benches and so on. To compensate for the lack of scenery, actors wore very elaborate costumes, which were contemporary sixteenth and seventeenth century costume (MORE)

What was William Shakespeare's mother like?

We don't know that much about her except that she came from a slightly more upscale family than his father. Her family were Catholics--she might have been a secret Catholic herself.