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Woodrow Wilson had three nicknames while he was president. The "Schoolmaster of Politics" was the first and most popular.
The "Coiner of Weasel Words" given to him by President Theodore Roosevelt.
The last was "The Phrase Maker", because of his way with words, he didn't need a speech writer because he had an ostentacious diction.
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What were Woodrow Wilson's 14 points?

Fourteen proposals given by President Woodrow Wilson to Congress on January 8, 1918. The Fourteen Points outlined the post- World War I peace treaty later negotiated at the Pa

Woodrow Wilson's accomplishments?

-Clayton Antitrust Act in 1914 -Federal Reserve Act in 1913 -18 Amendment (Prohibition Act, later was ratified) -earn Ph.d -awarded Nobel Peace Prize

What was Woodrow Wilson's middle name?

Woodrow Wilson's middle name is Woodrow. His full name is Thomas Woodrow Wilson.    I found the answer at http://www.creators.com/lifestylefeatures/words-and-trivia/an

Who was Woodrow Wilson's successor?

Warren G. Harding followed Wilson as president.

What was Woodrow Wilson's scandal?

His first wife, Ellen Louise Axson, died in August of 1914. The next spring Wilson met Edith Galt and by May they were engaged. At the time, that was considered very scandalou

What were Woodrow Wilson's weaknesses as president?

Wilson's most obvious weakness was a physical one. He had a massive stroke and was bed-ridden for several months in his second term. His wife controlled access to his bed-side