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Woodrow Wilson had three nicknames while he was president. The "Schoolmaster of Politics" was the first and most popular.
The "Coiner of Weasel Words" given to him by President Theodore Roosevelt.
The last was "The Phrase Maker", because of his way with words, he didn't need a speech writer because he had an ostentacious diction.
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What was Woodrow Wilson's party affiliation?

The Woodrow Wilson was a member of the Democratic Party.

What was Woodrow Wilson's 14th point?

It was to start a League of Nations and to end all wars. He wanted the world to be at peace and no longer fight.

Who were Woodrow Wilson's wives?

1st wife was Ellen Louise Axon Wilson.. 2nd wife was Edith Bolling Galt Wilson.

What were Woodrow Wilson's reforms?

Woodrow Wilson's plan for reform was called New Freedom...  -He wanted to eliminate trusts between biusnesses completely. -He wanted to give citizens a more powerful voice in

What were Woodrow Wilson's accomplishments in office?

  His administration started: The Federal Trade Commission, The Clayton Antitrust Act, Sent the United States into World War I, The progressive income tax, The Federal Res

What were the names of Woodrow Wilson's kids?

  Margaret Woodrow Wilson (16 April 1886 - 12 February 1944); Jessie Woodrow Wilson (28 August 1887 - 15 January 1933);   Margaret Woodrow Wilson (16 April 1886 - 12 Fe

What was Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points?

First Woodrow Wilson had 14 points. 1. There shoul be not secret treaties; all international agreements should be open 2.The seas are to be free to all countries at all times

What was Woodrow Wilson's temperament?

  Politically: Fear of reform, isolationist, limited government, highly principled, thoughtful, good speaker, concerned about his image.   Personally: Seemed to be a go