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What was a negative effect of bonanza farms?

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Oversupply led to lower prices
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What is a bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a fortuitously calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches. The term was applied to a valuable ore vein or lode, and metaphorically to any other s

What are the negative effects of farming?

Besides being accused of being a source of the greatest greenhouse gas emissions and the cause of disease, war, famine, and other things that many people find reasons to be su

What are the negative effects of the greenhouse effect?

The negative effects of greenhouse effect is very well known among people as global warming. Global warming is a recent phenomena of the 20th and the 21st century. The adver

What are the positive and negative affects on wind farms?

They generate carbon free electricity without any waste products. They annoy people who have bought a second home in the country and want to boil their kettle from unseen nu

What are the positive and negative effects of globalization on Indian farming?

Many questions and controversies are being raised which are confusing majority of the people. The first fact to understand is that globalization is a stage in the developmen
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What is a negative effect?

the effects that volcanoes can do. EXAMPLE: a volcano can suffocate you and more.