What was Anna hazare demands?

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three key demands on the Lokpal bill raised by Anna Hazare.

- The jurisdiction of the proposed Lokpal should cover all employees of the central government. This is Hazare's key issue asking the government to include lower bureaucracy, which interacts with the common man and often harasses it, within the ambit of an independent and strong anti-graft watchdog

- Lokpal will operate through the institution of the Lokayukta in all states. This is Hazare's second demand.

- Lokpal should have the power to punish all those who violate the 'grievance redressal mechanism' to be put in place.
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What is Lokpal Bill By Anna Hazare?

Lokpal means 'Protector of people '. Lokpal bills were introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 ,2008, and 2010, yet they were never passed and its pending. Current Lokpal Bill, drafted by the following: . Former Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde, . Lawyer Prashant Bhushan (MORE)

Who is Anna Hazare?

Kisan "Anna" Hazare is an Indian social activist, born 1937, morepopularly known for his work in Ralegan Siddhi, RTI and movementfor Jan Lokpal Bill.

What were the contributions of Anna hazare for his village?

When Anna Hazare decided to dedicate his life for social cause in 1975, he believed charity should begin from home. Swami Vivekananda's words resonated in his mind - people would not listen to philosophical ideologies with empty stomachs. Social change is not possible if people are haunted by the da (MORE)

What is the outcome of Anna hazares fast against corruption?

Am not that hopeful regarding the fast of anna. The Indian people gets motivated very easily and also do have a very short memory.Many such movements didd occur in the past but still we have corruption in this level.With the slogan of corruption against Late Rajiv Gandhi of mere 64 Crores Congress l (MORE)

How do you describe Anna hazare?

Anna Hazare is one of India's well-acclaimed social activists. A former soldier in the Indian army, Anna is well known and respected for upgrading the ecology and economy of the village of Ralegan Siddhi which is located in the drought prone Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state. The erstwhile ba (MORE)

What is Anna Hazare civil society?

Anna Hazare civil society implies inclusion of civilians among official executives for major national decision making at the centre and the states. Those might include retired judges. The idea at its face value is good but it is ill-conceived by the ill-intentioned RSS ( Rastriya Swaim Sevak Sangh) (MORE)

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Is Anna hazare brahman?

Anna Hazare is a tool in the hands of Brahmins, sent to destroy Dalit Culture and Tradition.

How Anna hazare influenced you?

Anna hazare a social activist influenced us in many ways.his thoughts ,his patience n his work towards indian society and for india is great.latest his fast for 12 days for deter corruption is society gives us confidence that we can also do something best if a 72 year old person can go on fast for i (MORE)

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no bcz when anna hazire is entered in political party so there were no benefit of people bcz in indian politices no one will helping to the public they are getng more benefit to them so we should not help to the politician party if he want to rly help the people so he will take some important steps (MORE)

When did Anna hazare kept anshan?

He went on an Indefinite Fast (anshan) on 5 April 2011 at Jantar Mantar in Delhi to demand the formation of Lokpal. He again went on strike in August the same year. This was called the "August Kranti"

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