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What was education like in the colony of Connecticut?

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Like Britain's cuz Connecticut was ruled by them as a colony.
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What was colonial Connecticut like?

Colonial time Connecticut was very poor to begin with, but soon the tobacco help the colony expand and become prosperous. The trades were farming, metal work, and merchant goo

What was life like in colonial Connecticut?

•If you weren't a farmer then you traded up and down the Connecticut river with the Native Americas they would give steel tools for furs from the animals. . •You ca

What was the geography like in the Connecticut colony?

NEW ANSWER: As in all of the New England Colonies, Connecticut had rocky soil, and people usually only grew enough food to feed their families. Because of the bad soil, man

What was the land like in colonial Connecticut?

The land wasn't very hilly, but there were many fresh rivers and lakes in the area. Many of the early colonists drank this water, and were perfectly healthy.

What were the people of the colony Connecticut like?

There isn't much info on the general personalities of the people living in Connecticut. But I know they have lots of jobs. They usually have more then one or two jobs in a lif

What education was provided in colonial Connecticut?

hello this is me (the one who answered the question for peeling bark off a white willow or whatever tree) they provided education that was the same as our current day educatio

What did the colony of Connecticut look like?

The Colony was surronded by forests producing lumber and rich farm land to grow crops and raise cows and pigs.. The Colony was surronded by forests producing lumber and rich

What was life like in the colony Connecticut?

Life in Connecticut was harsh for most colonists but they managed to survive. The summers in Connecticut were mild but the winters were much colder than the English. They usua