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Deborah and her mother both had the same name , Deborah Sampson.
Deborah Sampson used the name Robert Surtlieff for military it was also the name of her younger brother.
Deborah pulled a bullet out of her leg on her own so that her identity wasn't discovered.
Although Deborah was a good solider she was afraid that the other solders would shot her if they found out about her being a women.
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What contribution did Deborah Sampson make?

Deborah Sampson contributed to the American Revolutionary War by  becoming a solider. In order to accomplish this, she had to  disguise herself as a man. She ended up servin

How did Deborah Sampson die?

Deborah Sampson died from Yellow Mountain Fever on April 29,1821 in Sharon, Massachusetts.She was 66 when she died and was buried at Rock Ridge Cemetery. and thats how she die

What are some interesting facts about Deborah Sampson?

Deborah Sampson was a women who rally wanted to participate in the war while her husband was away in the war. So, using her husbands clothes she was a solider in the war and w