What was japan regime monorchy in the 1939?

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The Monarch, Emperor Hirohito, was only a figurehead for the totalitarian government actually controlled by the Japanese Army. The people had been told for generations that the Japanese Emperor was god-like. The population revered the Emperor greatly, however by 1939, the Japanese Army was the real power in Japan.
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What is a Sanction regime?

Sanction can be defined as the punishment which goes with power.Without sanction,power cant be implemented.This sanction comes in different forms it may be through beating the person or to give a severe punishment.

What treaties were signed in 1939 for World War 2 between Germany and Italy and Japan and Britain and Poland?

Germany and japan signed the Anti-Comitern Pact 25 November 1936, against Communism. Italy joined in 1937 to make the axis powers. Germany and Italy signed a pact in 1939 May 22, the Pact of Steel.. Britain and France guarrenteed the safety of Poland after the invasion of Czechslovakia in 1939. The Polo-British Common Defence Pact in August 25 1939. It agreed support if Germany was to attack.

What was the old regime?

The Old Regime was the French political and social system before 1789. Society in the Old Regime was divided into three classes called Estates. The First Estate was made up of all of the clergy members. The Second Estate was made up of nobility. The Third Estate, which was the largest, was made up of peasants, city workers, and the middle class. On May 5, 1789, Louis called a meeting of the Estates-General in Versailles. Once in session, the Estates-General assumed the powers of the government . On June 20th of the same year the Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly and made the Tennis Court Oath, a pledge to themselves not to separate until they gave France a constitution. On July 14, 1789, a mob stormed the Bastille in Paris, and a short time later imprisoned the king and royal family in the palace of the Tuileries. In 1791, the royal family attempted to escape to Austria but were captured and brought back to Paris. Louis then accepted the new French Constitution but continued secretly to work against the revolution.

What are the differences between a socialist regime and a capitalist regime?

A capitalist regime is one in which there is little governmental interference with the economic sphere and citizens possess complete economic freedom. Socialism is the midway point between capitalism and communism. Socialist regimes are when the government has control over certain industries, like the medical field, steel manufacturing, or oil drilling. Socialist regimes also employ measures to minimize poverty and promote equality, like welfare programs, often at the expense of the more economically successful.

What is the old regime?

When someone refers to the "old regime", they are usually refering to the form or type of government that a nation had before a new one was established. The connotation of "regime" is that it was dictatorial, and in need of replacement, and usually the change was by revolution. It may be used ironically, as when someone now refers to times in America under Bush, Clinton, or any other President or Party that the person speaking found disagreeable.

Did the Nazi Regime affect human rights in Germany 1933-1939?

The Nazi regime violated human rights and civil liberties on a massive scale before the war. Key examples include: harrassing people on the grounds that they might pose a threat to the security of the state (!), imprisonment without trial, systematic brutality towards the prisoners in concentration camps, murdering opponents, banning people from public office on grounds of race, persecuting the Jews and others. Also the practice of making the victims of persecution pay for permission to leave the country was a gross violation of human rights and contrary to natural justice. All this started in 1933 and intensified rapidly. By 1936 the terror apparatus was a very powerful lobby ...

What is the definition of regime?

The definition of regime is a mode or system of rule or government: a dictatorial regime. It's when somebody or Several people take control over a land or several areas and lands and gain power of them

Why was Auschwitz important to the Nazi regime?

I'm not sure about its "importance" to the Nazi regime but . . . Auschwitz was a German concentration camp set up by the SS to quickly exterminate captured Jewish residents of Europe. The ones who were deemed unfit for labor (elderly people, women, young children) were immediately put to death. Those who could work were shipped to labor camps and normally worked until they died. You could say it's importance to the regime was it was a key piece in the Nazi's "Final Solution."

Describe the aspects of the Old Regime?

There were many aspects of the Old Regime. This group was designedto install social and political order in France prior to the FrenchRevolution.

In 1939 the US placed a trade embargo on Japan after the Japanese?

The United states started placing trade embargoes to halt Japan's plans for expansion in China. This did not work.. The Sino-Japanese War (China vs. Japan) also hurt trade for the US with China.. Another Reason is Japan join the Axis powers through the Tripartite Pact.. Towards the end of 1941 Japan felt pressured with the fact that their oil stockpiles were running out. They needed the oil reserves in the East Indies (Including the American Protectorate, The Phillippines) So on December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked the United States in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Causing the US to enter World War II.

Why did the USA declare war on Japan World War 2 at 8 of December 1939?

It did not. WWII was entered into by the US after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which was on 7 December 1941. On 8 December 1941 war against Japan was declared at a Joint Session of the US House and the Senate.

How did the Tsarist regime in Russia decline?

One of the major reasons as to why the Tsarist regime in Russiadeclined was as a result of the involvement of Russia in the WorldWar I. The stability of Russia could not be underestimated.

What is a hybrid regime?

A hybrid regime is a political system that contains elements ofautocratic and democratic systems. It is also known as a partialdemocracy.

What are totalitarian regimes?

Totalitarian regime is a form of government in which the nation's government has total control over the people. The citizens have no rights to vote/elect for officials or new governmental laws.

What is federal regime?

A political system in which local units of government have a specially protected existence and can make final decisions over some governmental activities, versus a federal system in which sovereignty is shared so that on some matters, the national government is supreme and on others, the local governments are supreme.

When was the old regime?

The Ancien Régime ( Old Regime ) refers primarily to the aristocratic, social and political system established in France from (roughly) the 15th century to the 18th century under the late Valois and Bourbon dynasties.

What is monorchy?

The practice of ritual removal of one testicle. Usually done for religious or cultural reasons.

What is river regime?

River regime can describe one of two characteristics of a reach of a river: * The variability in its discharge throughout the course of a year in response to precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration, and drainage basin characteristics

What are radical regimes?

Radical regimes- The murderous Memphis and New Orleans race riots of 1866 proved that Reconstruction needed to be declared and enforced, and the Military Reconstruction Act jump-started this process. Congress chose to send the military, creating "radical regimes" throughout the secessionist states. Radical Republicans hoped that by declaring martial law in the South and passing the Second Reconstruction Act, they would be able to create a Republican political base in the seceded states to facilitate their plans for Radical Reconstruction. Though most southern whites hated the "regimes" that Congress established, they proved successful in speeding up Reconstruction. Indeed, by 1870 all of the southern states had been readmitted to the Union. AJ SANDUGI helped (:

What is a Ancien regime?

The ancien régime was a system in France designed in the middle ages, it was a system that consisted with 3 estates, 1st-clergy churches, 2nd- Nobility, and 3rd- peasants and many other ordinary people. This system lasted until the French Revolution (when Louis the 16th reigned).

Why was japan unable to defeat china in 1939 and 1940?

The size of China, and the lack of a road net or railroads, or any means of moving troops or supplies other than by the rivers, which had been China's main transport system for millenia. Also there was not much of a government in China, so even if it was completely defeated, such an event would hardly affect the majority of Chinese, as the government's authority did not extend throughout the land. It was relatively easy to capture coastal areas, or riverbanks as far inland as the Japanese cared to go, but the vast and rugged interior was another matter.

Why is some form of civic participation necessary even in absolute monorchy or dictatorship?

idk but that was the word for word quetsion on my ssrs. Twilightfanpire2015: same here

What is robotic regime?

It is something in which certain people believe that one day, robots will become so advanced that they will start to think for themselves and will rule the world. Or it is where the ruler of a nation is so boring that he is like a robot.

What was a main goal of the Nazi regime?

Reversing the Germany's World War defeat. . Boundless expansion. . Eradicating what they called "Jewish Communism".

What is a sentence with regime?

During World War 2 the Nazi regime governed Germany under the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler.

What is a common feature of totalitarian regimes?

Common features of totalitarian regimes can include several things. Some regimes involved a single ruler with aboslute power and control as the central authority in the nation. Others involve a nation that is governed by a ruler or small group of rulers (oligarchy) with a small administration. Common features of these regimes that common people have to deal with are limited if any freedoms or rights, such as freedom of speech, press, or religion for some examples. These regimes control nearly every aspect of public and private life.

What do you think is a sensible copyright regime?

Personally? I think the creator of a work should receive certain exclusive rights to that work, for a certain amount of time. I happen to think that amount of time should be rolled back appreciably, perhaps to 50 years after the work is made available. I think there should be exceptions for orphan works, standardized agreements, statutory fees, and a centralized database, but that's even less likely.

What is civilian regime?

a civilian regime refers to that period of time were by the administering of governmental affairs or activities is in the hands of people who are not in the military

Why did USA shed nuclear bombing on japan in 1939?

These bombs were dropped in 1945 because as the President said, it will bring the war to an end and millions of lives will be saved.

What was The official goal of the Nazi regime?

Hitler wanted to conquer the entire world and have only a pure Aryan race which he claimed to be superior to everyone else

What is a dictatorial regime?

A type of autocratic regime where the state is controlled and organised by a single leader and her coercive apparatus.

What was the slogan of the old regime of France?

The King who art in the kingdom will allways rule for he was placed there by God himself!

What does the term legal regime mean?

Without anything further to go on - I would make a guess that it refers to a group - government - administration - etc - that was elected/selected/appointed by the majoity of the people eligible to do so.

Is North Korea a socialist regime?

officialy, the regime is called socialist. In fact, the regime doesn't have anything to do with socialism anymore. N.Korea is ruled by a totalitarian dictatorship.

What is a populist regime?

A populist regime, also referred to as populism is based on the ideology that represents the peoples wants and needs.

Is regime a noun?

Yes, the word regime is a noun , a singular,common, abstract noun; a word for a government, especially anauthoritarian one; a system or planned way of doing things; a wordfor a thing.

What is the difference between state and regime?

A state describes the organisation that actually holds power within a geographic region; a regime describes the system of rules it erects to maintain and distribute that power.

When was BASF associated with the Nazi regime?

one of its subsidiaries produced Zyklon B, the infamous lethal gas used in concentration camps. Although the Nazis initially regarded BASF as a suspect, unpatriotic organization with links to the Jewish community, the company prospered under Hitler

What are synomys of regimes?

A regime is a form of government, usually applied in most countries. Other terms for regime would be government, social and political system, administration, or a kind of authority.

How dictatorial regime affects people?

Reading into the essence of peoples minds looking for what happened to our evolution. Knowing what little I had knowledge of was from real experience with people in control of our local agencies of government and they were taking advantage of people the way they had done with me. So it was my duty to alert the public no matter what I had to endeavor to endure. They ultimately grow to be patronized thus form their classes from the speaking (ruling) majority governing the people as the law (respected as the current regime) authors. Where the chief is dictator (leader) in judgment pursues his advantages, the collective is taught to support the nations chief. All ways and means including objectives most valued to pursue are of the masters opinion followed as ordained. Any criticism of superiors is potentially hazardous on the political ladder, but meritorious within the workforce as change is made for the leaders accredited at only the makers' risk, of falling behind in the production line or just unpaid time that person spent to honor self satisfaction altruism of human-being. The equivalent to a free enterprise system: where judgment is pursued to entertain the opposition that can also shield the current regime while they expedite their plan thus rewarding another class for policing the religiously pursued commercial goals of the perpetual system of the precedential hierarchy. There is only human natures physical abuse due to the controlling regimes primitive ability to exact what is called material justice on the spot. That appears to look tyrannous in a dictatorship because we are in time with the dictator but not the courts end time of our lifetime being spent in the free enterprise is not only our time converted by taxation of labor into political force lost only at cost of imported materials... but also the future promised by leaders of the pack t a spiritual phenomena deemed immaterial in western law, a virtual religious union controlling human understanding of what is just in time for them to save by serving and preserving common law bills of right that increase the cost of right out of human comprehension of its force in times nature. The image of authority is more powerful to imagine... we are impressed by whatever the leaders have possessed us to believe silently waiting for judgment our future passes ~ alas Along with the statutes of limitation that makes a great nation proud of what little they see inside their political democracy representing the public wonder of the constitutions authors intent being precedent to our reality a memory 4 testing what is just and what is trust that will be material for tomorrow left of right in our trust by the dictators we never met beyond the word responsibility ~ we may reflect ~ only for a generation corrupting our nation ~ agents at law respecting! My perspective arresting end t ending!

Did Lenin establish a Communist regime?

No, he did not, if one goes by the true meaning of "communism" according to Karl Marx. Lenin established a socialist regime. People refer to Lenin's regime as "communist" but only because that was the name of his political party and because they aspired to communism in the future.

What is a copyright regime?

"Regime" is just a fancy way of saying "system" or "government," so a copyright regime is just a system of copyright laws. Copyright laws protect creative works such as books, music, art, and more, by giving the creator exclusive rights to copy, alter, distribute, or perform/display the work, or authorize others to do so, for a limited time.

What conclusion can be formed about American regime?

It would depend on which country in America. A general one would be to conclude that they are all in the western hemisphere.

What is a compound sentence for regime?

Any sentence consisting of two or more clauses which contains the word 'regime', for example: 'Fidel Castro's Communist regime, central to Cuban history even through the modern day, has intriguing properties in the arena of sociopolitical theory; while the despotic rule cared little for the rights of its citizens, tortured political prisoners, and punished families for the commission of crimes in which only a single member took part, research and education, particularly in the field of medicine, flourished.

Which country had a stalinist type regime?

Other than Stalin, Josip Tito of Yugoslavia, Kim Jung Il of Korea, and Fidel Castro of Cuba all had Stalinist-inspired governments.

What is the Assad regime?

A socilalist dictatorship, hidden underneath what is called albaath party, supported from Iran, Russia, venezuela, and the former regime in Libya.

What is Hitler's regime?

To kill anyone against or not part of the master race- Germans. He killed Jews because he thought they were in the way of making Germans the master race because they weren't what Germans were.

What is an oligarchic regime?

An oligarchic regime, also known more succinctly as an oligarchy,is any type of governing body that is answerable only to itself,and which is self perpetuating because it elects its own newmembers, as old members retire or die. The most familiar example isthe politburo, in a country that is ruled by a communistdictatorship. Only the members of the politburo elect new membersto the politburo; nobody else has any say in the matter. This isnot like a hereditary monarchy, because it is not based on lineage.You do not have to be the son of a member of the politburo to beelected to the politburo. But then again, sometimes people do electtheir relatives to positions of power. In North Korea, which at thepresent time is ruled by the 3rd generation of the Kim dynasty, theoriginal oligarchy has turned into a monarchy in all but name. Butcommunist China, which is not ruled by a descendant of ChairmanMao, is governed by a true oligarchy.

Who was the emperor of Japan in 1939?

The Emperor of Japan in 1939 was Hirohito (posthumously known as "Showa Tenno"). He was Emperor of Japan from 25 December 1926 to 7 January 1989.

Where was the vechy regime?

You mean the Vichy regime- this was an area of France that was unoccupied by the Nazi's in WW2, and consisted of the Southern and Central part of the country excepting the Western coastline, which the Germans occupied for fear of Allied invasion and as part of Hitler's 'Atlantic Wall'. The Vichy regime was established by French President Marshal Phillipe Petain, who reached an uneasy agreement with the Nazi's for Central and Southern France to remain unoccupied on the proviso that he collaborated with, and assisted, the Axis Powers. Hitler never respected Petain, and his conditions for allowing a separate, self-governing region of France were that Vichy France should co-operate with Germany in assisting with the rounding-up of Jews and other 'undesirables' to be sent to concentration camps, the sending of 2 million anti-Nazi French soldiers to labour camps, and heavy financial and economic support for the Axis. The relationship was based upon blackmail and veiled threat rather than mutual co-operation, but Petain showed moral cowardice in agreeing to Hitler's conditions and acted as his willing underling. Following the Allied invasion of North Africa in 1942 the Vichy regime was abolished by Hitler, and ALL of France was occupied by Germany and Italy until it's liberation by the Allies in 1944. Following the end of the war, Petain was convicted of treason by the French courts and initially sentenced to death, but this was later commuted to life imprisonment- he died in prison in 1951.