What was one of the key elements in the fall of Fort Henry in the US Civil War in 1862?

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The often overlooked elements to the fall of Confederate Fort Henry was high water levels that hampered the effectiveness of the forts large cannons. Also, the credit for the fall of the fort lies with US Navy Officer Andrew Foote. Ironclads and gunboats wreaked havoc on the undermanned fort. Confederate Commander Albert S. Johnston was in charge of the Western Theater and was aware that Major General Henry Halleck would be sending Brigadier General US Grant to assault both forts Henry and Donelson.

What happened in the US Civil War in 1862?

In the West - the emergence of U.S. Grant (Union) as a battle-winner, whose progress was unfortunately slowed-down by his General-in-Chief Henry Halleck, who believed in occup

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The Union Army of the Potomac led by Major General George B.McClellan fought for the United States. The Confederate Army ofNorthern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee fought

What happened in the US Civil War on March 9 1862?

The first encounter involving two ironclad warships took place onMarch 9, 1862, in the Hampton Roads channel, southeastern Virginia,between the Union Monitor and the Confede

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No battle in history has seen one million soldiers killed andwounded.The Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburgh Landing as it was knownin the North for a short time, was the bloodies

Why didn't the US Civil War end in 1862?

When the US Civil war broke out in 1861, it was thought it would beover by Christmas. The North was far superior in manpower,manufacturing, railroads, etc. But the war was poo

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The Confederacy, although like Antietam, both sides killed so manyof the other army that both claimed victory. The Confederacy isgranted the historical victory because the Uni

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It was the turn of the tide. In the West, the Confederates abandoned their attempt to invade Kentucky. In the East, Lee's attempted invasion of Pennsylvania failed, and Linc

Is the war of 1862 like the Civil War?

No, the war of 1862 was an uprising of the Native American tribe know as the Sioux. The American Civil War was a war in which the southern states broke away from the Union and

Who used the Henry rifle in the civil war?

Possibly 3,000 or so Henrys were actually purchased by the US Government for the US Army during the war; but usually it was wealthy Regimental Colonels that purchased Henrys f