What was some of Mohandas Gandhi's personal traits?

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Gandhi's Character Traits 1. Ambitious- Gandhi always had something planned, no matter what event or activity was planned. For example, he decided to lead the salt march within about four seconds. He wanted to show the British that Indians were capable of providing for themselves without their aid. 2. Thoughtful- He was almost always thinking about something. Sometimes it was about other people, and sometimes it was about a plan. Each time he made a preparation, he thought quickly, but hard.
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What were Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's beliefs?

Gandhi's beliefs are Hindu, which are mostly about non-violence, not to be predigest or take discrimination from anyone. He believed in truth and equality. He promoted non-violence and refused to make the British get out of India by hurting them. He wanted them to leave peacefully even though they t (MORE)

What was Mohandas Gandhi's Humanitarian efforts?

Mahandas Gandhi had studied law and was taken advantage of byBritish control when he began his profession. As a result, hebecame outspoken for establishing equal rights through non violentmethods.

What were the main events in Mohandas Gandhi's life?

1891 June - After attending Inner Temple Law School in the United Kingdom, Gandhi passes the bar exam and becomes a lawyer. Unknown to him at the time, his mother has passed away while he is at school.. 1893 - Gandhi is thrown off of a train in South Africa for refusing to move from his First Cla (MORE)

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How did Mohandas Gandhi's wife die?

Mohandas Gandhi's wife died when their son was 17,after being bedridden with illness for two years And there's ur answer No need to thank me...

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What was Mohandas Gandhi's one regret?

He stole gold once. He kept on getting nagged by his conscience He told his dad ,expecting to be punished . But his dad forgave him. this made Mohandas Gandhi Change.

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What was Gandhi's personality?

He was courageous, and he liked everyone. He believed in godlikewise a Hindu and he helped a lot of people. Gandhi was self-made man, he was stubborn by birth and was a man ofprinciples. He wouldn't give a blow, instead, he was ready to amillion blows for his country. He was not a person with grea (MORE)

Who where Mohandas Gandhi's associates?

These were some of gandhiji's associates in India: . Alexander, Horace Amrit Kaur, Rajkumari Amtusallam Andrews, C. F. Ansari, M. A. Azad, Abdul Kalam Bajaj, Jamnalal Bankar, Shankerlal Bhave, Vinoba Birla, G. D. Bose, Subhash Chandra Chandiwala, Brijk (MORE)

What were some of Mohandas Gandhi's goals?

Gandhi wanted everyone to be treated equally,\n. \nNon violence,\n . \nHe also said love thy neighbour as thyself (treat others how you wish to be treated.)\n . \n he wanted to free the world!worldwide freedom!ya! go him!

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What is mohandas gandhi's favorite food?

He was a simple man and only ate vegetation. He did eat meat in his childhood but he hated himself throughout his life for it. His fav foods was aloo dum, which is an Indian food with potatoes and curry and peas.

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Was Mohandas Gandhi a 'good' person?

Yes he was really a very nice person who fought only for freedom and was never intrested in any richness or becoming a Prime Minister which he could have got very easily. Everyone should respect and follow his principles in day to day life even though they are difficult.....Hats off to such a great (MORE)

What was Mohandas Gandhi's religion?

He was raised a Hindu but he also said " I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew." He was critical of all religions, too--he opposed the caste system which is part of Hinduism and about Christianity, he said, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians."

Details of Mohandas Gandhi's birth and death?

Born October 2 1869 at Porbandar,India . Died January 30, 1948 (aged 78) On 30 January 1948, Gandhi was shot and killed while having his nightly public walk on the grounds of the Birla Bhavan

What is Mohandas Gandhi's wife's name?

Kasturba Gandhi . Kasthurba Gandhi . kasthurba Gandhi's wife was named Kasturbai Makhanji. They were married when he was 13 and she was 14 years old. Kasturba \nKasturbai Makhanji . She was Kasturba Gandhi.

What kind of personality did Mohandas Gandhi have?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is perhaps the most well known name ofIndian freedom struggle. Gandhi based his political, religious andsocial beliefs on non-violence. He preached perseverance andrestraint as virtues for attainment of political goals and shunneduse of violence. His philosophy also result (MORE)

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What was Mohandas Gandhi's family-life like?

well since the massacre and stuff, it was a good family, however he did beat up his wife, and their marriage was shaky. Edit: Well if as a child he had to do chores and actually at age 13 got married and actually told his wife who was 12 when they were married when she would be allowed to see her (MORE)

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Who were Mohandas Gandhi's children?

Gandhi had 4 sons: Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, and Devdas. The last living son, Ramdas, died in 1969 at the age of 73. His brothers died between 1948 and 1957. Gandhi had a fifth child who died as an infant. There were 13 grandchildren born.

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