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Three answers.
1) The holy ark is the special ark in each synagogue in which the Torah-scrolls are stored. It is a tall, heavy, fancy cabinet with a curtain in front and double doors.

2) The holy ark was the Ark of the Covenant in which the two Stone Tablets with the Ten Commandments were held. It was a heavy wooden box covered with gold, with a gold lid. Exodus ch.25.

3) Noah's ark (Genesis ch.6), a type of huge boat, is recorded in the Torah and in the history of many ancient nations. The word for this ark in Hebrew is not the same as the above two.

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If you are referring to Noah's Ark, it was a story when an old, aged man built an enormous boat to save all his animals from a great flood.
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1) The holy ark is the special ark in each synagogue in which the Torah-scrolls are stored. It is a tall, heavy, fancy cabinet.
2) The holy ark was the Ark of the Covenant in which the two Stone Tablets with the Ten Commandments were held.
3) Noah's ark (Genesis ch.6), a type of huge boat, is recorded in the Torah and in the history of many ancient nations. The word for this ark in Hebrew is not the same as the above two.
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What was Noah's ark?

Answer . God said to Noah that he would destroy the earth by a great flood because of mankind's sinfulness. Noah was to build an ark (boat) to carry his family and 2 of every kind of animal. It rained 40 days and 40 nights, after which Noah sent a bird out to check for dry land. The ark finally l (MORE)

Where is Noah's Ark?

Answer 1 Genesis 8 v4 . And the ark rested in the seventh month, on theseventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains ofArarat.. Mt. Ararat is in modern day Turkey. Answer 2 Disregarding the question as to whether the Noah story actuallytook place, if Noah's Ark was made out of wood, pitch, (MORE)

What is an ark in Judaism?

It's called the Ark of the Covenant, which houses the Torah. It'slocated on the eastern side of a synagogue, in the direction ofJerusalem.

Did abel get on the ark?

No, Abel was killed by his brother Cain many years before the Ark (Gen. 4:8).. The only humans on the Ark were Noah, his wife, his sons (Shem, Ham, Japheth), and their wives.

What is an ark?

The English word "ark" is used two translate two different Hebrewwords. One was the boat of Noah and the other was the box of theCovenant that held the Ten Commandments.

What is the Ark of the Covenant?

it was the portable closet that the "preists" carried on theirshoulders that contained the tablets of the ten commandments onthem It was the large, portable gold-covered wooden box that the Levitescarried on their shoulders, that contained the tablets of the tencommandments (Exodus ch.25). The Ark w (MORE)

What is the ark in halo?

The ark was shown in halo 3 where you could see that the prophet of truth tried to dig up the ark was somenthing that could activate all of the halos at once

Who built the ark?

Noah built the ark. He was told by God that there was so much evil in the world that he was going to send a flood. A flood to clear out of all those who weren't living in peace and were doing wrong. God told Noah to take himself, his family and 2 of every species of an animal into his ark, (wooden b (MORE)

What is the Holy ark?

Holy Ark is better remembered as Noah's Ark. Maulaana Nooh (as) built the ark on the command of Allaah. He was the Nabi of Allaah who brought Shari'at of Allaah to the people. When the people disregarded him and the commands of Allaah, Allaah ordered to build an ark and told him to take along with h (MORE)

Where is the ark of testimony?

No one knows for sure. There is some speculation that it is under Golgotha Hill because of Ron Wyatt's testimony. However, the last mention in history of it's whereabouts is in 2ND Maccabees which states that Jeremiah took it and the Tent of Meeting to Mount Nebo and hid them in a cave there. Most c (MORE)

What country is the ark in?

This depends on which ark you mean; Noah's Ark or the Ark of the Covenant.. For Noah's ark, I suggest you look at the answer to "Where did Noah's Ark land?" which describes the various proposed locations.. For the Ark of the Covenant, a case has been made that it's in a church in Axum, Ethiopia - (MORE)

Who was on Noah's ark?

Noah and his wife, his sons and their wives and some of each kind of land animal. Noah, his wife and sons and his son's wives. Genesis 6:18 But I will establish My covenant with you; and youshall go into the ark-you, your sons, your wife, and your sons'wives with you. Genesis 7:7 So Noah, with his (MORE)

Who was Noah and what was his Ark?

" Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. "(NIV Genesis 6:9) Because of this, God arranged a way of salvation for faithful Noah and his family, when He brought to ruin the wicked world around them(Genesis 6:5-11). Because humanity had beco (MORE)

Ark of the Covenant?

I think you are referring to the Ark of the Covenant. This was a large chest containing the stones on which the 10 commandments of Moses were written, the staff of Moses' brother Aaron, and pieces of manna - the bread-like substance that fed the Israelites when they were in the wilderness. The Ark (MORE)

Where was the ark built?

The Bible doesn't give the name of a city or location where Noah built the Ark. Whatever the name may have been, the area was covered and erased by the flood. The Bible does say, at Genesis 8:4 --"And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains (MORE)

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

I am not sure what scholars are being spoken of here, but in theBiblical scholarly community the Ark is said to be an actualartifact of the pre-exilic Israelites. In 587 B.C. kingNebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Iraq) destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem,and carried off all the vessels inside it. To this day (MORE)

Population of ark?

Lots of animals and a few humans. That is, if the ark ever existed; most cultures, including Native Americans, have a flood myth.

Who are the ark angels?

In the Roman Catholic Church, the archangels are Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael . Add: Actually depending on what church you go by there are more than 3. Most believe in 7. . Even in The Bible, Revelation 8:2 reads: "And I saw the seven angels who stand before God; and to them were given seven tru (MORE)

What is the lost Ark?

that is the Ark of the Covenant. The Bible states that it is a sacred container wich houses the tablets of the 10 commandaments. For more information I posted in the related links box below the wikipedia article on the Ark of the Covenant.

What ends in ark?

Spark, Dark, Lark, Park, Quark, Mark. Aardvark (ant eater) Dark Lark snark park An Aardvak went for a lark in the park after dark. You forgot shark! The shark went to the park in the dark looking for an ardvark.

What is the ark of the Lord?

The ark of the Lord is different from Noahs arc.The lords ark was carried by the priests and carried the ten commandments in it.

What does the Ark symbolize?

Jesus Christ! Matthew Henry says: "...This call to Noah reminds us of the call the gospel gives topoor sinners. CHRIST IS AN ARK , in whom we alone we can besafe, when death and judgment approach. The Word says, 'Come;'ministers say, 'Come;' the Spirit says, 'Come, come into the Ark.'Noah was acco (MORE)

Where was the Ark made?

I don't know where it was made, mate, but they say it's resting deep inside Mount Ararat, in an underground lake. So now, at least you know where it (might) be resting.

What was in the ark in raiders of the lost ark?

The Ark in the movie was the Ark of the Covenant (the gilded gopher wood box built by Moses on the instructions of God); as such it contained the fragments of the original tablets of the Law, a jar of manna and Aaron's rod. In the film sinister Nazi archaeologists (based very slightly on the SS A (MORE)

What is the Hebrew ark?

It is called the Holy Ark, or Aron hakodesh. It is the cabinet at the front of a synagogue where the Torah scrolls are kept.

What is the ark of the testimony?

The Gold Covered box built to the specifications given by God and which traveled with Israel when they were in the Wilderness. It contains the tablets containing the Ten Commandments and several other items.

Is the ark still out there?

Yes, many explorers have seen a large wooden structure, with many rooms and cages, on Mt. Ararat. One even dragged back wooden beam, which was tested and dated. But will there ever be positive proof that this is Noah's ark? I don't think so. Christianity is a religion of faith . Matthew 16:4 A (MORE)

Where is the ark of the covanent?

There are various claims to the where a bouts of the ark of the covenant. Among them: There is a reference in 2 Maccabees 2:4-10, to a document saying that the prophet Jeremiah, before the Babylonian invasion, took the Ark, the Tabernacle, and the Altar of Incense, and buried them in a cave on M (MORE)

Why is it called an ark?

An ark is a box or chest. Noah's ark was simply Noah's big box. It was not shaped like a boat because it had no motor nor any reason to cut through the water; it simply had to float.

What is a ark in basketball?

It could be many things! 1. the arc of your shot, which is the point from when the ball leaves your hand to the point it reaches the basket. If your arc isn't right, your shot could be too flat or too high and looped and shooting percentage is lowered. 2. the 3-point line is often refered to as the (MORE)

What is a Jewish ark?

There are two answers. The holy Ark mentioned in the Torah (Exodus ch. 25) was kept in the Mishkan (sanctuary; tabernacle) and held the two stone tablets given by God. The holy ark in today's synagogues houses the Torah scrolls.

Where did ark sail from?

The ark was built in the city of Suruppak a short distance from the unseen Persian Gulf so that in 150 days it was pushed north-west up river 520 miles to Mount Ararat where it grounded on the peak 22 feet below the ocean surface and then the ark slid down durin 74 days at which time Little Ararat p (MORE)

What does the ark in a synagogue do?

The Ark in a Synagogue is an intricately decorated cabinet used for storing the Torah scrolls - the Jewish holy scripture. It is placed so that it is facing the city of Jerusalem and is one of the most important standard objects in the Synagogue.

Why was the ark hidden?

It is believed that the Ark was hidden to protect it from desecration by pagan invaders. The Ark of the Covenant was a box made to house the original stone tablets that bore the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses. It was originally housed in the inner sanctuary of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. A (MORE)

Where is the Ark of God?

Noah's Ark has not been found and, even assuming that the story of Noah is historically accurate, it would likely have gone rotten sometime in the last 5000 years. Another Answer Despite much searching, Noah's Ark has not been found on Mt Ararat or anywhere else. It's location is unknown. As (MORE)

Who was Jona of ark?

jona of ark had a great faith in God. She believed she had been chosen to lead the army of France in battles with England.

What is a ark in a Jew?

Im going to assume you mean "what is the ark to the Jew s ?" in which case, it was like a protable closet that held the luchot (tables (of the ten commandments))

What was on noahs ark?

2 zebras, 2 lions, 2 alligators, 2 cats, etc. Answer: In the Biblical Noah myth the ark is supplied with two (2) of each kind of unclean animal and seven (7) pairs of every kind of clean animal and seven (7) pairs of every kind of birfand an unnumbered group of Noah's close relatives. Genesi (MORE)

Where is ark?

There is a moive that show poof of where it is Iwil post the answer on 1/27/2014 and the name of the movie

What did Noah do on the ark?

Noah took 2 animals of every spicies one female and one male to find new land for a new word because theres was being destroid and he took his wife and 3 sons and there wifes to make a new humanity

Was Cain on the ark?

Probably not. For one thing, the Noah story takes place many years after the Adam and Eve story. And according to the text from the Book of Genesis, God saves only Noah and his family, as well as the animals that Noah brought onto the ark.

What is the ark in judaism?

1) The holy ark is the special ark in each synagogue in which theTorah-scrolls are stored. It is a tall, heavy, fancy cabinet. 2) The holy ark was the Ark of the Covenant in which the two StoneTablets with the Ten Commandments were held. 3) Noah's ark (Genesis ch.6), a type of huge boat, is recorded (MORE)

Who was on the ark?

Gen. 6:9-22 helps us to see that Noah, his wife, his 3 sons andtheir wives and every sort of animal were also on the ark withthem.

What is a Noahs Ark?

where the living fauna on a rifted plate is carried until it dockswith another area adding new components.