What was the Kosovo War?

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It was a ethnic cleaning war Serbians headed against Albanians. Serbs wanted to create Great Serbia in the region by fighting against Croats, Bosnians and Albanians. NATO had prevented them in doing so.
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Is Kosovo going to have another war?

Kosova is a peacfull, fun, and friendly country. There wont be war on Kosova's side and if there is NATO, EU would help and back Kosova.

Why did the kosovo war start?

It started because Albanian terrorists tried to take over Serbian southern province called "Kosovo i Metohija". Serbian army and police were fighting against terrorism, but

When did the Kosovo War start?

the war in kosovo started in 1998 The Kosovo War had started around the year 1996, in the region of Serbia. It did not end until part-way through 1999 to be specific, accordi

How did the kosovo war start?

The Kosovo war started because Kosovians wanted to be liberated from the Serbs. Kosovian villages started riots and through the Serbs' eyes they were seen as "terrorists". So,

Why is kosovo at war?

It isn't. There has been no war since around 1999/2000. The political atmosphere is tense but there is no fighting.

Where was the kosovo war?

The Kosovo war was a war against Serbia's agression toward all non-Serb nations in the region.

Did the kosovo war take place in kosovo?

The war happened in Kosovo. . The War happened in Kosovo, from 1998 - 23 June 1999. It was Serbian aggression on Albanian terrorists, not on civilians.
In Kosovo

When did the Kosovo war take place?

The Kosovo war lasted from 28 February, 1998 until 11 June, 1999. It was an armed conflict in Kosovo and involved a rebel group fighting with NATO and Yugoslavia forces.