What was the Vietnam?

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A war against communist aggression.
True, but what do you mean by "What was the Vietnam?" Do you mean the war? or something else? Plus south vietnam was fighting the north so they would not become communist not because of aggresion
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What was the Vietnam War about?

The Vietnam War or Second Indochina War 1 was a conflict between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN, or North Vietnam), allied with the National Liberation Front (NLF, o

What was the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Conflict, popularly known as the Vietnam War (also known as the Second Indochina War and colloquially as Vietnam or Nam as well as the American War or Kh�ng c

What was the Vietnam war fought for?

The Vietnam War (1964 to 1975) was fought to keep South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos from falling to the communists, aka the Domino Theory. In 1975, after spending a decade, cou

What was the Vietnam war death total?

Answer . 58,256 Americans are now listed on the Vietnam Memorial wall - including some of who have passed recently from illness linked to Agent Orange. Here is a link th

What was the Vietnam War really about?

Answer . It began as an attempt by France to regain its pre WWII colony, and with their ouster it was a US attempt to curtail the spread of Communism.

What was the Vietnam War reception like?

If the question is regarding the "Reception" depots/stations in RVN (Republic of South Vietnam), each branch of service had their own types of reception stations. For the US A
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What was the Vietnam war environment like?

1. Hills and forests in the Highlands 2. Swamps (wetlands) in the Delta 3. Rice fields in the lowlands 4. Jungle in the balance of the country
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What was the Vietnam War classified as?

Conventionally stated; a conflict of the cold war. Or, for the more flamboyantly minded, "a hot battle of the cold war." Military Science category: Histories second limited w
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What was the Vietnam and Korean War?

Both wars were fought during the cold war against communist aggression. The communists lost the Korean War but won the Vietnam War. Another words the Republic of South Korea
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What was the Vietnam burning man protesting?

The Buddhist priest Thich Quang Duc who immolated himself 11th ofJune 1963 did so as a means of protesting against the SouthVietnamese President Diem's persecution of Buddhist