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What was the aftermath of world war I?

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The fighting in World War I which ended when an armistice took effect on November 11, 1918. In the aftermath of World War I the political, cultural, and social order of the world was drastically changed in many places, even outside the areas directly involved in the war. New countries were formed, old ones were abolished, international organizations were established, and many new and old ideas took a firm hold in people's minds. It is estimated that 750,000 civilians had lost their lives during the war, and more died from starvation afterwards.
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Did the aftermath of World War 2 lead to the Cold War?

WW2 and the Cold War There were certainly other contributing factors, but yes, you could say that the situation at the end of World War II led to the Cold War situation in Europe and Southeast Asia. There were many reasons for the cold war and a lot this had to do with relations between the USA an (MORE)

What were the effects of the Civil War and its aftermath?

The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were added to the Constitution. . 13th Amendment 1865: Slavery abolished . 14th Amendment: "Equal Protection under law" . Also called "Civil Rights Amendment" . 15th Amendment: Allowed blacks to vote . Republicans become the majority party. Their agenda was: (MORE)

What was the aftermath and implications of the Gulf War?

Answer . Sanctions reduced Iraq- The nation in the forefront of Middle Eastern secularism, which sported the finest schools, universities, hospitals and infrastructure and reduced it to rubble. This led the once popularist dictator into a frenzy, and with no money flowing into the nation the scho (MORE)

What was the aftermath of World War 2?

Creation of the United Nations . Emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as superpowers . Beginning of the Cold War . Collapse of the British and French empires

What was the aftermath of World War 1 in Germany including resentment?

Germany faced many problems after WWI, the defeat of the war and the economic problems following the war. When Hilter came into power he wanted to have an aryans power that would eventually rule the world, for this he blamed the Jews and others. With all the problems in Germany many Germans were rea (MORE)

What was the aftermath of World War 2 on Italy?

Answer . Italy did not suffer near so much as the other losing powers in WWII. Perhaps this was because Italy had changed sides in 1943 and many of her men had fought against the Germans.. Nonetheless Italy did suffer quite a lot.. The Italian colonial empire was stripped away - every last acre (MORE)

How did the aftermath of World War 2 affect the British decolonization?

WW2 and the break up of the British Empire . WW2 certainly accelerated the break up of the British Empire. (Even before 1939 it was overstretched: the enlargement after 1918 may have looked good on maps but it added to the defence burden).\n. \nThe break up of the Empire was quickest in the Indi (MORE)

How many Jews were killed in pogroms in the aftermath of World War 2?

A significant number of Jews were murdered very soon after the Holocaust. In Poland. for example there was a horrific pogrom at Kielce on 4 July 1946 which resulted in the death of 37 Jews who had survived the Holocaust.. The Kielce pogrom had all the classic features of a medieval or Tsarist pog (MORE)

What were the causes of the Cold War and how did it disrupt the attempts to establish peace in the aftermath of World War 2?

Cold War . The Cold War began as World War II was ending. American leaders saw the power and ambitions of the Soviet Union as a threat to our national security. The Cold War was a war of words and ideologies rather than a shooting war, although at times the Cold War turned “hot” as in K (MORE)

What is an aftermath?

An aftermath is something, usually unpleasant, that follows or is aresult of a major event. This is usually a result of a naturaldisaster or misfortune.

How did the aftermath of World War 1 contribute to political problems in Europe?

Europe declined in political power as empires crumbled andmonarchies were replaced by democracies. There was an economicdeterioration of Europe and radical revolutionary groups andmovements emerged that would greatly change the political landscapeof Europe. Excessive, punitive economic actions again (MORE)

What was the aftermath of World War 1 in the US?

The aftermath included a decrease in the population of nationsincluded in the War, huge war debts were immediately contained inplaces like the U.S were the Stock market fell and Germany werethey had to pay off most of the war debt because they lost the war.Also advancements in Science and Technology (MORE)

How did the aftermath of World War 1 set the stage for World War 2?

\nThe First World War's effect on Germany was devastating. Apart from the tremendous loss of life felt on all sides of the war (22 million men), Germany's economy was in shambles after the numerous capitulations that it was forced to make in the post-war period. This humiliating loss, in conjuncti (MORE)

What is aftermath?

The long term effect of something, I suppose. Or, for example, the aftermath of a hurricane would be all of the damage left behind.Another example for an aftermath would be the trees torn out of there roots after a tornado.

What did soldiers face in the aftermath of the Vietnam war?

Returning US Marines, Soldiers, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen, and US Sailors had to hide the fact that they were in Vietnam from their fellow countrymen; lest they become embroiled in arguments or physical confrontations.. They couldn't hide that fact upon filling out job applications however; and many (MORE)

How did the World War 2 aftermath effect labor?

people felt like it was time for new oppertunities and it has changed the lives of the working women for ever. Women have been able to have much more success in life but it has ment less kids in the world which is not always a good thing By Sam Casey!!!. people felt like it was time for new oppertu (MORE)

It is often said that World War 2 was the inevitable outcome of the aftermath of World War 1 why?

The Germans felt the Versailles Treaty was unfair. They were not even part of creating the treaty. They had to give up land, give up having a strong military, pay millions in reparations and they could not work on building weapons or large military items like planes or tanks. They were forced to tur (MORE)

How did war and its immediate aftermath affect family life?

I can speak for Germany during and after the 2nd world war. The Nazis didn't mobilize the entire population until 1942-43, unlike in the UK and the Soviet Union. The Germans wanted to maintain normalcy and keep the civilian population placated and loyal to the regime. As the war turned against the T (MORE)

Assess American foreign policy in the aftermath of world war 1 what effect did the war have on American attitudes toward the outside world?

After WW1, the American foreign policy was very wishful that they could now abolish war permanently or prevent it as much as possible and thus formed the League of Nations. The war "...was feared before it started, popular while it lasted, and hated when it ended." After the war, it became a substan (MORE)

How did the war and its immediate aftermath affect the population?

The war affected the world's population because it meant hard work and more effort and stress which caused people to die,also the bombs and people had to share there food.Clothes had to be made from curtains and much shops weren't open. after buildings had to be made again also machinery and factori (MORE)

What areas of the world were affected by the aftermath of the Japan earthquake?

If you mean outside the obvious Japan, many areas of pacific Asia, including Hawaii and even to some extent California, suffered tremors and waves. Not to mention, Japan is/was a major economic center, and the Dow Jones (of the United States) fell immensely following the earthquake, and stocks all o (MORE)

What was the aftermath of the World War 2 atomic bombing?

The moral aspect of the attacks upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki continues to divide historians. While some argue that the terrible long term human cost to the Japanese population can never justify the use of such weapons, others maintain that in the context of total war, it would have been immoral if at (MORE)

What was Europe immediate aftermath of worl war 2?

It was divided into 2 sides; the Russian in control of everything east of the Elbe river in German (with the exception of West Berlin). While the Western Allies, USA, England, and France influenced the western side of Europe. It would largely remain that way, until the fall of communist Soviet Union (MORE)

How did the World War 1 aftermath cause The Great Depression?

During the War, most European countries (especially Allies) had borrowed money from American banks. So when the war ended, these countries owed massive amounts of money to those banks, and the war had devastated their economies. They found they were unable to pay back their loans, so as part of the (MORE)

What problems faced the world in the aftermath of World War 2?

Talking about Soviet trolls is not objective....To be fair the Soviets felt equally mistrustful because of secret dealings between the SS and US Govt from late 1944 under operation twilight and sunrise, when earlier in 1942 USA and USSR signed a United Nations alliance treaty which forbade either si (MORE)

What are the release dates for Aftermath The Remnants of War - 2001?

Aftermath The Remnants of War - 2001 was released on: Canada: 8 November 2001 (Toronto) Netherlands: 24 November 2001 (Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival) USA: 28 February 2002 (Santa Barbara Film Festival) Greece: 5 March 2002 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival) Gre (MORE)

What linked Egypt to the aftermath of US Civil War?

To the surprise of many US Civil War buffs, a number of Union andConfederate officers became members of Egypt's military after thewar. As one example, Confederate general William Loring joinedEgypt's military forces.

How did Sparta react in the aftermath of the Persian Wars?

After th Persian invasion had been defeated, Sparta tried to getthe Greeks living inside the Persian Empire evacuated to mainlandGreece to remove the cause of the conflict. Athens agitated for aleague of the cities to protect them form the Persians. Spartawithdrew from the war, and went home to quel (MORE)

What was the aftermath of the Second Punic War?

Rome imposed a heavy indemnity on Carthage designed to impoverishit and neutralise it for fifty years. The resilient Carthaginianspaid it off in 10 years, arousing Rome's desire to eliminate thisrival altogether.