What was the boundaries of the 13 colonies in 1760?

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the physical boundaries of the original 13 colonies are the Appalachian mountains ans the Atlantic ocean
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How the british governed the colonies after 1760s?

The british goverenment (king george V) kept the colonies under close watch and used them as a way to bring in more money. When king george V lost wars he used the colonies as a way to re-make the money he lost by adding additional taxes on things that the colonists used every day such as tea, paper

What is the western boundary of the original 13 colonies?

The original thirteen American colonies made claims that extendedas far west as their earliest explorations of the continentallowed. Initially, the Appalachian Mountains provided the farwestern border of their territory; later, it was the MississippiRiver. Once the United States was founded, the ori

What taxes were imposed on the 13 colonies in the 1760s and the 1770s?

the big ones were the stamp act which made all of the people in the colonies pay a tax on letters to pay for the french-indian war which the colonies were not even a part of. The other one was when the british taxed tea. The tea taxes went up so much that the main supplyer of tea 4 the colonies had

What geographic feature marked the formed western boundary of the 13 colonies?

The Treaty of Paris in 1763 that Britain signed with France cededall land east of the Mississippi River. King George III issued aproclamation the same year limiting settlement to east of theAppalachian Mountains. This was intended to preserve the lands ofthe native Americans, but was generally disre